Blog1 December 2018

Christmas Dinner brought to you by Andrews Sykes!

With the 25th December now nearly upon us, households nationwide are preparing themselves for Christmas festivities which will in many cases include having lots to eat and drink! Supermarkets this week will be packed with last-minute shoppers desperate to snap up seasonal bargains, but for us at Andrews Sykes, there has been a slightly different type of pressure to contend with.

In the weeks preceding Christmas Day, we have been extremely busy helping to ensure that British retailers receive sufficient quantities of the ingredients needed for a traditional Christmas dinner. As you might expect, the demand for turkeys and vegetables swells around this time of year which in turn leads to a sharp upsurge in the need for appropriate storage space.

This increased seasonal requirement has seen Andrews Sykes undertake a number of significant projects as a direct result. A large farm in the Worcester area sought a number of our indirect heaters in order to keep thousands of turkeys healthy ahead of their distribution to wholesalers. Similarly, our dehumidifiers have been on hire across the country to enhance potato shelf-life while a combination of drying equipment and heating units have also kept Brussels sprouts in perfect condition once harvested.

Safeguarding the supply of perishable food keeps cost prices affordable and ensures demand can be accommodated even during peak periods. You could say that our tireless work and 24-hour service has played its part in providing Christmas dinners to millions of people across the UK!