Blog8 October 2013

Chiller Hire Supports Farmers in Agricultural Shows

Agricultural shows provide the perfect opportunity for the farming and livestock industry to showcase their business to the general public; one of the main draws for people to attend these events is the delicious range of locally produced food available and most notably the chance for farmers to display the best of their dairy and beef livestock.

The displaying of cattle provides an opportunity for purchasers to confirm that cattle are well treated. This will boost cattle sales, particularly as prime breeding cows can be worth over thousands of pounds with some fetching six figures sums.

The benefits of keeping cattle healthy are very important. Many agricultural shows are held in the warmer months, which can be detrimental to cattle that may suffer from heat stress. This can make cattle unable to produce milk, experience difficulty breeding and even suffer from heat stroke. The use of chillers and air handling units in holding pens can prevent this from happening and ensure cattle stay cool and healthy.

Chiller Hire is a highly effective solution for providing cool air for large areas. Chillers and air handling units can be rented temporarily, for indoor and outdoor purposes. The fact they are able to be hired out for the short duration of an event makes them a very cost effective resource. Keeping cattle at perfect temperatures means that stocks can be kept safe, assuring that farmers will no longer have a reluctance to take cattle to shows and avoiding a risk to their health.