Blog7 March 2014

Chiller Hire for Cheese

A major UK cheese event is held every year to raise the profile of British Cheese. Temperature is crucial to preserve the individual wheels of cheese, otherwise it can cause a sweaty reaction and in some extreme cases melting of these dairy products. There are more than 1000 different types of cheeses, each one needs a specific temperature.

When the organisers called Andrews Chiller Hire they specifically asked for a temporary cooling unit to supply cold air for the various stands. Andrews Chiller Hire supplied a 100 kW Fluid Chiller with mobile air handling units to supply cool clean air to the required areas. This highly efficient chiller is used for a multitude of applications where large volumes of cooled air are needed. All the hoses supplied needed to be enclosed within the floor and positioned within the channelled routes in strict accordance with the events team requirements and health and safety regulations.

After eight days of long judging and delicious cheese tasting, the verdict was revealed and the top cheeses received their three stars. The Chiller air handling system operated without a hitch throughout the entire show and preserved the competitive cheeses perfectly. The clients were very happy with the result.

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