Blog17 April 2014

Charlton depot tops Andrews Sykes’ “scorecard ranking”

Three years ago, Andrews Sykes introduced a “scorecard” to measure their nationwide depot network. The entire UK depot network is measured to set criteria which is focused on customer service levels but also includes financial, technical and productivity measurement. In order to reward the top depots, a bonus pot for all employees to share was created. Each month the depots are rewarded through their daily activity and the scorecard performance.

In March the top four Andrews Sykes’ depots were presented with cheques, following the publication of the year end scorecard results. It was our Charlton depot who emerged triumphant after the tallies were calculated; Charlton’s performance saw them comfortably occupy the leader-board’s top spot for the whole second half of last year. Bristol depot finished runners-up with Oldham and Liverpool making up the rest of the top four– concluding a busy end to 2013.