NHS tops ‘cool’ list according to British adults

The NHS, space travel and Concorde are perceived to be the ‘coolest’ things in the world, according to a poll of 2,000 British adults.

iPhones, astronauts, and vinyl records also ranked highly, along with E-Type Jaguars, the Japanese bullet train and dinosaurs.

And when it comes to the coolest people, James Bond was the top choice, despite being a fictional character.

He featured higher in the list than former US president Barack Obama, heart throb Tom Hardy, icon Steve McQueen and all-round smoothie, Idris Elba.

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Six in seven Brits think extreme weather is here to stay

People in Britain are convinced extreme weather conditions are here to stay, with 85% believing it has become the norm.

Flooded roads, fallen trees and damaged fences are no longer seen as rare occurrences. In fact, a quarter of 2,000 adults surveyed admitted they had been victims of flooding in some form.

Brits also estimate they’ve spent upwards of £790 in the last five years on repairs to their homes as a result of weather damage.

And more than one in 10 have had to spend more than £2,000 on weather-related restorations.

One in five are also planning changes to their home to combat the increasingly dangerous weather conditions – with a fifth planning on using sandbags to fight bad weather conditions.

And with an estimated 3,300 homes hit by extreme floods across the UK in recent months, 73 per cent believe the government need to do more to help people who suffer damage to their home from such circumstances. read more

A guide to heater hire with Andrews

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we aim to provide customers with practical, fuel-efficient solutions tailored to precise requirements and budgets. This simple and successful approach is founded on decades of expertise across all industries and ensures our clients are in safe hands regardless of their situation. We understand that those who seek temporary heating are faced with a multitude of options, which is why we assess each requirement on its own merit to guarantee that the best course of action is followed every single time. By eliminating uncertainty and explaining the reasoning behind a proposed heater hire arrangement prior to its implementation, we provide a level of peace of mind that sets us apart from our competitors.

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Best and Worst Weather Days in the UK

For our latest campaign, Andrews Sykes partnered with DTN – a global provider of independent weather insights – to uncover the days of the year where the UK is most likely to experience the best – and worst – weather.

This was calculated by collecting weather data from the last 30 years of weather data from local weather stations.

12 major cities in the UK were selected for the study, and a piece of consumer research, using OnePoll.com, was conducted to uncover further data about the types of weather Brits prefer best, which would inform how the 30 years of data from DTN was analysed.

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Andrews Air Conditioning ‘Cool Cab’ hits London’s streets

One particularly breezy London taxi could be the answer commuters have been looking for during the forthcoming hot spell that is expected to strike the capital.

The ‘Cool Cab’ is a freezer on wheels – a refrigerated Hackney Carriage – and has been in operation throughout the recent heatwave to help sweltering commuters escape high temperatures.

Features include an interior cooled by dry ice, a freezer stocked with ice lollies and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system.

The latest heatwave has seen temperatures in London rise above 25◦C, with predictions of 30◦C over the coming days.

A spokesperson for Andrews Air Conditioning, who commissioned the creation of the ‘Cool Cab’, said: “This week has been a scorcher in the UK, and Brits are feeling the heat.

“For commuters there is nothing worse on a hot day that getting into a stuffy taxi, so we wanted to help combat this experience with our own ‘Cool Cab’.

“London commuters are all too familiar with the experience of the Underground in the summer, with the skyrocketing heat and packed carriages.

“The ‘Cool Cab’ is the cure for this.”

Passengers across the capital waved down the taxi from afar, only to be greeted with the unique refrigerated vehicle.

Chilled passenger Steve O’Dare, from Lincolnshire, said: “This is easily the coolest ride I’ve ever had.

“It’s such good fun, and when you get in it’s a different world, and I think it’s a great concept.

“I think, give it another couple of weeks, and we’ll be having an amazing summer. The heat will be rolling in.

Elizabeth Ann Iliffe, who was visiting from the South East, said: “It’s amazing. It feels just like a scene from Frozen.

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London hotel purchases exhaust tube air conditioning units with summer fast approaching

With British hotels facing more competition than ever before, there is very much an onus on going the extra mile to keep customers happy. Many hotels in this country have not been designed with permanent air conditioning systems in mind so when summer strikes, proprietors endure a constant battle to keep visitors cool.

This was the situation one of our clients found themselves in after high temperatures left guest rooms and dining areas uncomfortably warm. The well-known hotel, based in London, sought a number of air conditioning units to ensure tourists and businesspeople were kept cool during their stay.

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