Andrews Air Conditioning – coming to a screen near you!

For the second consecutive year, our dedicated team of engineers has been invited to work on a highly acclaimed UK TV show. This repeat custom is a testament to the quality of service before, during and after delivery.

The TV crew needed various cooling equipment for the actors, staff and equipment as large heat load was created on set. To meet their requirements, we successfully delivered two PAC 22 units and one ET 25 unit for a two-week period. With the weather expected to intensify, it was considered likely that this hire would be extended – and this has subsequently happened.

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Portable perfection: why our split-type AC units are the perfect choice for data centres

The success of many businesses often depends on the ability of a data centre to run smoothly and efficiently. One of the options available to businesses in the UK is the use of portable air conditioning units. On larger scales, a chiller and air handling arrangement may be a more suitable alternative. At Andrews Sykes, our extensive experience provides us with a competitive edge when it comes to creating and implementing practical solutions that truly safeguard these critical assets.

Why is air conditioning important in data centres?

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Five FAN-tastic facts about ventilation in the construction industry

At Andrews Ventilation Hire, we are acutely aware of the hazards associated with poor air quality at construction sites, and we take the safety of workers very seriously. That’s why we provide dependable and fresh air circulation through our advanced cooling and extraction fans precisely when needed. Keep reading to discover why ventilation is so crucial in the construction industry, and uncover five fascinating facts about the power of proper ventilation.

What is ventilation in construction?

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Andrews Heat for Hires provides heating solution for students

Having a truly nationwide depot network is integral to our commitment to providing a 24-hour emergency service, irrespective of where our clients are based.

One of Britain’s leading universities recently experienced a gas supply problem within their library, and this was a prime example of our broad coverage proving essential. The enquiry was swiftly handled by a local territory sales manager, who was able to recommend equipment suitable for the site in South Wales. We understand that with mid-term exams on their way, it was important that common areas in the library were of an appropriate temperature in order to maximise the productivity of students.

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Andrews Sykes donates to army veteran charity

To start the year off on a positive note, we have continued to nurture our ongoing relationship with the Aaron Lewis Foundation. In late 2022, we pledged to make a Christmas donation of £5,000 and are very proud to support this wonderful initiative.

The Aaron Lewis foundation was set up in 2010 in memory of Aaron Lewis, who was tragically killed at the age of 26 while on an operation in Afghanistan. The charity initially began as a small forum for friends and family raise funds in Aaron’s memory. With unity and teamwork at its core, the charity grew rapidly into the principle funding source for the Commando Gunner Memorial in Plymouth. With funds still being donated after the memorial was completed, it became viable to create an all-volunteer charity which attained charitable status in 2013.

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Product of the Month – December

DH150 Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Our DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers are economical, portable, and incredibly easy to use. The unit is a firm favourite among customers, with its popularity stemming from a high extraction rate and cost-effective functionality – traits that will always be looked upon favourably by those who hire dryers from us!

As a high-capacity dehumidifier, it is capable of drying large applications and requires only a 415V power supply in order to operate. Designed to dry out areas of up to 1,650m³ and control the humidity in areas up to 3,300m³, the DH150 will effectively combat condensation, dampness, mould growth, and just about any other issue associated with the excessive presence of moisture.

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Playing our part in ensuring you get your dinner this Christmas!

At Andrews Sykes, our aim is to be exceptional in everything we do. When it comes to our customers, we believe it should be an industry-standard to provide a quick and professional service no matter how big or small the project is.

Empathy is a key reason behind this; we try to understand the urgency of each enquiry and produce quick solutions.

This week, a client urgently required a 500kW boiler for their food production line – and the survey and installation were completed within 24 hours of the enquiry!

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Sykes Pumps Hire provide emergency pumps for Salmon Farm

Sykes Pumps Hire was recently approached by a salmon farm in the Lake District, with the client requiring a solution to prevent and monitor low water supply.

Our client is based near a Cumbrian reservoir that was highly affected by the 2018 summer heatwave, which subsequently caused the availability of water to almost completely dry up. Amazingly, water levels got so low that the ruins of a previously submerged village began to reappear following a massive depletion of water. The small town was deliberately allowed to flood approximately 80 years ago in order to create a reservoir to provide water for Manchester and the North West of England.

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Sykes implements extensive pump hire set-up at East Anglia power station

Power stations – and particularly nuclear power stations – are reliant on the availability of bespoke pumping solutions both during outages and when operating normally. From sump applications and general maintenance to temporary fire systems and cooling tank cleaning, there are various reasons why both permanent and short-term pump arrangements might be required within the power generation industry.

Having worked alongside clients within this specialist market sector for many years, our engineers are familiar with the challenges that come hand in hand when proposing a pump hire configuration for one of the most potentially hazardous environments around.

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Fume extraction enables plane restoration project to take off!

As a rule of thumb, commercial planes are painted every seven to ten years with private or smaller aircraft painted slightly more frequently. Although there are only really minor differences between painting planes and other inanimate objects, the scale of the operation requires that certain precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those overseeing the task.

Once older coatings are stripped off, a primer is applied to all exterior surfaces before they are painted. Typically, this can take between three days to a couple of weeks per plane and depends on its size.

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