Heater hire during London construction project

Andrews Heat for Hire often receives calls from large construction companies. In London a major construction project was taking place in a building across five floors in wet and damp conditions, running the risk of delayed completion. The construction company called Andrews Heat for Hire for a solution to the problem. Within hours Andrews delivered two FH250 site heaters, a product specifically developed to deliver large volumes of clean heat over long distances. The FH250 can work unattended for extended periods of time in the most arduous conditions.

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We did wonder if the party had started a bit early at Glasto…

When we were asked to provide pumping advice and equipment during the driest period for many years, it all seemed a bit surreal

When the festival’s specialist electrical contractor approached us to provide expertise and pumping equipment to build a waterfall feature for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, we were delighted to step in and assist.

As you can see, the end result is spectacular, even for the more, er, sober minded of us

We built a purpose made manifold attached to a PX 12 submersible pump and control panel, all of which helped to create a very effective and practical approach to what was, initially, quite a challenging requirement – most of the time Sykes Pumps is asked to meet purely functional criteria – something more ‘aesthetic’ is slightly unusual. Festivals like Glasto often create a demand for flooding and rainwater dispersal, as newspapers are fond of showing, as well as some less pleasant aspects of colourful music festival life – so this made a really interesting change

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Reducing Stress; keeping staff productive and ‘Cool and Calm at Work’

The recent spate of hot weather in the UK has thrown up some issues surrounding the health of workers and brought to the forefront, the employer’s duty of care towards their employees. Following the Parliamentary motion stating that if temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius then workers should be sent home, we ran a survey asking your opinion on the matter. Over half (56%) of people agreed that employers should address heat related issues for their workers when the temperature rises – interesting we thought, that this was such a tight result though.

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Facilities Managers warned to remain vigilant for Legionnaires’ Disease in air conditioning

One year on from the Legionnaires’ outbreaks in both Edinburgh and Stoke-on-Trent it’s clear that the disease is still an issue in the UK. Although not as common as it once was, it’s vital that facilities and building managers do not become complacent when it comes to managing their building’s water systems, which can be perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia, caused by the bacteria Legionella, which lives naturally in all water systems in small, diluted quantities. However, the bacteria thrives in water at a temperature between 20-45°C and which has little or no flow. It can be particularly prevalent in commercial and public buildings.

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Andrews Sykes is confirmed for Bronze status for TFL’s FORS programme

Andrews Sykes is delighted to announce that we have been given accredited bronze status under the FORS programme, part of TFL’s initiative to encourage safer and more environmentally responsible transport of goods across the Capital

Launched in 2008, FORS independently verifies use of best practice for safety, legality and fairness. FORS is a funded, voluntary certification scheme aimed at ensuring that fleet operators work lawfully and to best practice by meeting the FORS standard.

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Deadline looming for flood insurance agreement

Recent ‘flash floods‘ in Co Durham indicator of more householder misery to come?

The current agreement between the government and insurance companies has committed insurers to providing cover for homes at high risk of flooding at a reasonable cost. The expiry date for this agreement is looming however, and as June 30th 2013 approaches with no sign of a renewed agreement, homeowners in high risk areas are understandably concerned.

Fortunately, the Association of British Insurers has recently confirmed they will voluntarily continue to offer flood insurance for an additional month after the current agreement expires, pushing the end date back to 31st July. This will give ministers and the industry more time to decide what will happen next.

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Heat load testing of data centre server rooms mitigates potential in-use disaster

Last week began with the news that the owner of a planned $299.5 million data centre in Iowa had been confirmed as Facebook. The data centre will make use of wind-powered electricity, and begins serving users in 2014.

With over a billion active users posting, commenting, and uploading pictures and videos every day, it is no surprise that it is ‘mission critical’ that Facebook’s huge scale servers are carefully maintained and housed in proven reliable data centre environments. The Iowa centre will be the company’s fourth but undoubtedly by no means last.

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Increased international web presence for Andrews Sykes Hire

As Andrews Sykes expands our service offering across Europe, we have launched new and improved localised websites for each market. The sites offer improved access to the most important and relevant information to our air conditioning and climate control equipment rental customers whilst also displaying modern and fresh identity. Better organisation of content is also effectively showcased as the clear, bold tabs provide an enhanced user experience.
Whilst offering the same high standard equipment and services, we also ensure that we offer these in the local language, using local examples of service and with the added reassurance of immediate contact to our knowledgeable local staff.
To see our new websites for Andrews Sykes Hire in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and France and to speak with our local specialist staff – please click the relevant link below: –

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