Warming hearts and facilities following school boiler breakdown

We recently received an urgent call from an autistic children’s school in North Wales. A devastating fire had damaged their biomass boiler system, leaving the school without critical heating and hot water – and just as temperatures began dropping! Naturally, restoring operations was imperative to protect students amid the cold weather.

The Challenges:

Arriving on-site, we faced two major obstacles:

The current boiler system suffered severe fire damage and required complete replacement. The school needed ample heating capacity to serve the entire facility.

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FD40s to the rescue! Read how we rapidly responded to a flood emergency in under three hours…

Some companies overpromise and underdeliver, but our emergency response service is truly guaranteed! We can help get the job done no matter the circumstances, and we love showing it. This was most recently demonstrated when The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square experienced an internal flood leading to leaks in the basement. As this museum houses priceless historic artifacts in London, it was crucial the issue was addressed swiftly.

The initial inquiry came in at 4:45pm, just 45 minutes before our standard working hours end at 5pm. Despite this, our dedicated engineers at the depot immediately sprang into action, mobilising and delivering ten FD40 building dryers by 7:30pm that same day.

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Turning waste into value: Helping our customer boost efficiency

We recently began an exciting new partnership with a leading UK water company on a waste management project. When they built five new anaerobic digester tanks to process food waste at one of their facilities, they called on us to help optimise the tank drainage system.

After an on-site survey, our team recommended installing three of our GP150 super silent pumps to rapidly empty the tanks on demand. The pumps’ flooded suction discharge design prevents clogging while providing reliable, quiet operation. With two duty pumps and one standby unit connected to the tanks’ 6” outflow flanges, we implemented a robust pumping solution to keep operations flowing smoothly.

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Heavy rain is not a problem for Sykes Pumps

Sykes Pumps recently executed a highly effective dewatering operation in Essex. The operation aimed to manage the rapid influx of groundwater into a lagoon after heavy rainfall. The location’s lagoon posed a significant challenge to the customer due to its tendency to accumulate substantial amounts of nuisance water during intense rainfalls. This rapid accumulation not only disrupted ongoing activities but also threatened the stability of the surrounding area. An immediate and effective water removal was necessary to maintain normal operations and prevent potential environmental issues.

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August’s Product of the Month – the Super Wispaset 150 eco!

This exceptional super silenced pump has earned the accolade of Product of the Month for August due to its environmental compliance and reduced fuel usage.

Designed in accordance with Stage V regulations, the Super Wispaset 150 eco goes above and beyond to significantly reduce harmful emissions. By exceeding lofty industry standards, this pump plays a pivotal role in creating a cleaner and greener future.

By choosing the Super Wispaset 150 eco, you not only contribute to a healthier environment but also enjoy the financial benefits of significantly lower running costs.

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Striving for carbon neutrality: Our commitment to sustainability

At Andrews Sykes, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric. We firmly believe that sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial for the long-term success of our business and the well-being of our planet. By pursuing green technologies, adhering to regulations, gaining accreditations, and implementing measures to reduce waste and carbon emissions, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to a healthier planet. By embracing sustainability in our business model, we not only benefit the environment but also provide our customers with innovative and eco-friendly solutions as listed below.

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Andrews Air Conditioning provides gym-ready cooling solutions

In fitness facilities, the significance of a properly functioning cooling system cannot be overstated. The gymnasium, a space where people strive to push their physical limits, necessitates a cool and comfortable environment to facilitate optimal performance.

Recently we received an emergency enquiry as a customer’s gymnasiums cooling system had been vandalised and was no longer working. The system’s copper metal components had been stolen, leaving the facility without its critical cooling. This threatened to compromise the gym’s reputation as a reliable and comfortable workout space, particularly since it was open 24/7, a cooling solution that could provide uninterrupted cold air circulation was needed.

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Our cooling solutions safeguard healthcare samples

The summer has been busy for Andrews Air Conditioning. Despite the peak in demand, our engineers ensure that every job that we complete shows our commitment to delivering effective cooling solutions and their ability to provide outstanding service to their customers.

Recently, we faced a significant challenge of carrying out construction work in a clinical department of a hospital. The construction work resulted in a lot of dust particles in the air, and this became a risk to the vital samples. To prevent any dust from entering the fridges, the customer had to surround them with sheeting. However, this precautionary measure inadvertently caused the fridges to become hotter than normal.

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The positions we have played at football stadiums over the years

As we are coming towards the end of the Women’s World Cup 2023. The Andrews Sykes staff have been reminiscing over the past work we have serviced at many amazing football stadiums across the UK.

Over the past years, we have provided temporary solutions for many environments. We love our clients all the same – but as many engineers and specialists are football lovers – when we receive a job enquiry at a football stadium it creates a buzz around the depots.
Like the positions played on the field, we place our specialists at Andrews Sykes in the same positions when we are providing potential solutions for a client’s problem. Our team is treated like a football squad, ensuring the positions we play are to our advantage so we can score a goal or ensure our customers have an incredible save.

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Andrews Ventilation ensures smooth completion of construction projects

When it comes to assisting large-scale building assignments, Andrews Sykes is the number one ventilation hire company. Our experienced engineers know that efficient temporary solutions can make all the difference in meeting tight schedules and staying within budget.

A local council sought to refurbish the library’s roof while ensuring a conducive working environment for the construction workers. So, they turned to us for an innovative ventilation solution provided by experts in the field.

After an initial site survey, the recommended solution was to install temporary ventilation into the roof space while roof refurbishment works were underway using a single FV900 fan along with several lengths of ducting.

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