Sykes Pumps Hire provide emergency pumps for Salmon Farm

Sykes Pumps Hire was recently approached by a salmon farm in the Lake District, with the client requiring a solution to prevent and monitor low water supply.

Our client is based near a Cumbrian reservoir that was highly affected by the 2018 summer heatwave, which subsequently caused the availability of water to almost completely dry up. Amazingly, water levels got so low that the ruins of a previously submerged village began to reappear following a massive depletion of water. The small town was deliberately allowed to flood approximately 80 years ago in order to create a reservoir to provide water for Manchester and the North West of England.

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Sykes implements extensive pump hire set-up at East Anglia power station

Power stations – and particularly nuclear power stations – are reliant on the availability of bespoke pumping solutions both during outages and when operating normally. From sump applications and general maintenance to temporary fire systems and cooling tank cleaning, there are various reasons why both permanent and short-term pump arrangements might be required within the power generation industry.

Having worked alongside clients within this specialist market sector for many years, our engineers are familiar with the challenges that come hand in hand when proposing a pump hire configuration for one of the most potentially hazardous environments around.

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Fume extraction enables plane restoration project to take off!

As a rule of thumb, commercial planes are painted every seven to ten years with private or smaller aircraft painted slightly more frequently. Although there are only really minor differences between painting planes and other inanimate objects, the scale of the operation requires that certain precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those overseeing the task.

Once older coatings are stripped off, a primer is applied to all exterior surfaces before they are painted. Typically, this can take between three days to a couple of weeks per plane and depends on its size.

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Best and Worst Weather Days in the UK

For our latest campaign, Andrews Sykes partnered with DTN – a global provider of independent weather insights – to uncover the days of the year where the UK is most likely to experience the best – and worst – weather.

This was calculated by collecting weather data from the last 30 years of weather data from local weather stations.

12 major cities in the UK were selected for the study, and a piece of consumer research, using OnePoll.com, was conducted to uncover further data about the types of weather Brits prefer best, which would inform how the 30 years of data from DTN was analysed.

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When temperatures are soaring, you need someone who will answer your call!

It’s been a busy couple of days for us at Andrews Air Conditioning, and the weather forecast would suggest that there’s no sign of this changing any time soon. Soaring temperatures have caused wildfires and major railway delays already this week, and that’s before the hottest day of the year arrives!

The mercury passed the 30°C mark in London on Tuesday, with similar conditions expected for the next few days at least.

Unsurprisingly, this climatic upturn has had an immediate effect on us and we’ve had hundreds of air conditioning units go out on hire since Monday. However, if you haven’t yet got the cooling equipment you need then don’t worry – we’ve still got plenty of units in stock. But they won’t be around forever!

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Sykes Pumps launch new Hydraset range

As the UK’s largest pump hire company, Sykes Pumps are constantly looking to enhance and modernise their extensive range of equipment. A new product – the Sykes Hydraset – is now available for hire and will help clients streamline projects without raising energy costs. This latest innovation comprises of a Sykes Hydrapak, a Sykes Hydrapump and a Sykes Hydrahose set and provides an alternative solution for when suction lift requirements exceed nine metres.

The Hydrapak includes both 100mm and 150mm models and these have been designed with construction, marine, industrial and waste water projects in mind. The units are suitable for heads of up to 46m and offer maximum flow rates of 95l/s, underlining their versatility.

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Heater hire during London construction project

Andrews Heat for Hire often receives calls from large construction companies. In London a major construction project was taking place in a building across five floors in wet and damp conditions, running the risk of delayed completion. The construction company called Andrews Heat for Hire for a solution to the problem. Within hours Andrews delivered two FH250 site heaters, a product specifically developed to deliver large volumes of clean heat over long distances. The FH250 can work unattended for extended periods of time in the most arduous conditions.

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We did wonder if the party had started a bit early at Glasto…

When we were asked to provide pumping advice and equipment during the driest period for many years, it all seemed a bit surreal

When the festival’s specialist electrical contractor approached us to provide expertise and pumping equipment to build a waterfall feature for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, we were delighted to step in and assist.

As you can see, the end result is spectacular, even for the more, er, sober minded of us

We built a purpose made manifold attached to a PX 12 submersible pump and control panel, all of which helped to create a very effective and practical approach to what was, initially, quite a challenging requirement – most of the time Sykes Pumps is asked to meet purely functional criteria – something more ‘aesthetic’ is slightly unusual. Festivals like Glasto often create a demand for flooding and rainwater dispersal, as newspapers are fond of showing, as well as some less pleasant aspects of colourful music festival life – so this made a really interesting change

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Reducing Stress; keeping staff productive and ‘Cool and Calm at Work’

The recent spate of hot weather in the UK has thrown up some issues surrounding the health of workers and brought to the forefront, the employer’s duty of care towards their employees. Following the Parliamentary motion stating that if temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius then workers should be sent home, we ran a survey asking your opinion on the matter. Over half (56%) of people agreed that employers should address heat related issues for their workers when the temperature rises – interesting we thought, that this was such a tight result though.

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Facilities Managers warned to remain vigilant for Legionnaires’ Disease in air conditioning

One year on from the Legionnaires’ outbreaks in both Edinburgh and Stoke-on-Trent it’s clear that the disease is still an issue in the UK. Although not as common as it once was, it’s vital that facilities and building managers do not become complacent when it comes to managing their building’s water systems, which can be perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia, caused by the bacteria Legionella, which lives naturally in all water systems in small, diluted quantities. However, the bacteria thrives in water at a temperature between 20-45°C and which has little or no flow. It can be particularly prevalent in commercial and public buildings.

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