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Introducing our 30kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control panels

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 30kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control panel series. This innovative product incorporates groundbreaking advances in solid-state drive technology, processor capabilities and interactive interfaces.

What this signifies for our business is a major leap forward in design flexibility, energy efficiency and manufacturing scale to meet fast-growing customer demand for smarter motor solutions with enhanced control philosophies.

The built-in self-tuning algorithms, real-time performance optimisation, and newly added connectivity features provide our customers unprecedented levels of customised control, reliability, and actionable insights.

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Providing swift, dedicated service in any condition

We recently dispatched Andy, one of our top field engineers, to a remote quarry location before hazardous conditions and heavy rainfall could cause any problems on site.

Although it was late in the day after completing a full schedule, Andy readily agreed to drive to the quarry. Upon arrival, he methodically assessed and addressed multiple complex issues to successfully restore pumping operations before rising water levels became dangerous.

Throughout the challenging process, Andy applied his technical expertise while maintaining an upbeat attitude and keeping the client informed of his progress. He made multiple trips in the rain and mud to retrieve needed tools and parts from his service vehicle parked some distance away from the area of concern.

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Rain, rain, go away: fast flood control with Sykes Pumps

A long-time client contacted Sykes Pumps recently regarding rising water levels at their lake in South East London. After periods of heavy rain, groundwater had infiltrated the lake and threatened to cause it to overflow. Having worked with this customer before, our team conducted an updated site survey to ensure no changes would impact the potential pump installation.

Within a week of the initial inquiry, we recommended and delivered a UVO 150/100 Super Wispa pump set, along with the necessary flanged piping, fuel tank, and flow meter. The quiet operation of the pump was critical due to the nearby residential area and nature reserve. The unit needed to run continuously, 24/7, to pump the water through the existing 2.5 km pipeline to the River Thames.

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Sky-high pipework standards maintained at Heathrow Airport

For more than 160 years, Sykes Pumps has been the go-to name in pumping solutions. Our reputation for unparalleled quality and service remains unmatched, underpinned by our pledge to reach customers within four hours, regardless of location.

Recently, our team executed a comprehensive flushing operation at a major London airport, cleansing the intricate pipework system that supplies hot water throughout the entire airport.

The key goals for this critical flushing operation were:

· Sustaining a flow rate of 72 litres per second to thoroughly flush the system.
· Maintaining consistent pressure to ensure efficiency.
· Thoroughly cleaning the pipework to guarantee optimal performance.

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Rising to the challenge: adapting to overcome market obstacles

At Sykes Pumps, we take pride in our ability to overcome challenges and provide innovative solutions for our clients. Recently, in Macclesfield, North Cheshire, we undertook a challenging project for the local council.

They required a new headwall to be installed on a concrete culvert, necessitating the removal of water from site to create a suitable base for the structure. Thanks to our expertise and the strategic planning process of our sales engineers, we devised an efficient and effective solution to tackle this demanding task.

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Heavy rain is not a problem for Sykes Pumps

Sykes Pumps recently executed a highly effective dewatering operation in Essex. The operation aimed to manage the rapid influx of groundwater into a lagoon after heavy rainfall. The location’s lagoon posed a significant challenge to the customer due to its tendency to accumulate substantial amounts of nuisance water during intense rainfalls. This rapid accumulation not only disrupted ongoing activities but also threatened the stability of the surrounding area. An immediate and effective water removal was necessary to maintain normal operations and prevent potential environmental issues.

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Don’t forget! Our comprehensive fuel management packages ensure you don’t miss a beat!

As the country’s leading specialist hire company, we understand that running a successful business means paying attention to the smaller details. However, when it comes to fuel management, you can leave all the intricacies to us! We’ll handle every aspect with meticulous care, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free experience every time you deal with us.

Our customers have a number of flexible options available to them, with two primary services offered. These are:

Complete fuel management

Encompassing every element of fuel delivery, monitoring and resupply, this service is ideal for clients who wish for all fuel-related matters to be handled by us.

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Water management legislation: Sink or swim for UK businesses

With the need for sustainable environmental practice at heightened levels, Jonathan King, Technical Manager at Sykes Pumps, outlines the importance of customers staying on the right side of current water treatment laws.

Water treatment processes play a crucial role in preserving our planet and promoting greener ways of working. It is essential for companies to mitigate their ecological impact and contribute to a cleaner, healthier existence, ensuring compliance with regulations set by regulators. For England and Wales, the laws are contained in the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010, and for Scotland, in the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) Regulations 2011 (known as the Controlled Activities Regulations or ‘CAR’).

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Next stop, Rail Live: We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Attention all rail professionals! Mark your diaries for the Rail Live trade show, which is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday (21st and 22nd June). Andrews Sykes is delighted to announce that we’ll be attending the exhibition, which is hosted at the Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre in Warwickshire.

Our expert team will be stationed at Stand M68, ready to demonstrate our innovative solutions and discuss how we can support your rail projects. Specialists including Russell Boswell Munday, Jason Owens, Paul Smith, Kenny Moneypenny, Ross Wood, and Dia Spencer will be available to provide in-depth insights into our extensive range of HVAC and pumping equipment.

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Andrews Sykes: powering development at Hinkley Point C

When it comes to building and working on nuclear power stations like Hinkley Point C, strict regulations and precise requirements must be met at all times. The use of specialised concrete (known as ‘nuclear concrete’) is one of several heavily scrutinised processes undertaken on site, with protocols set by the Office for Nuclear Regulation expected to be strictly followed. Fluctuating UK temperatures pose a significant challenge for maintaining the required parameters for concrete production.

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