Andrews Sykes appoints new manager to spearhead German growth

We at Andrews Sykes are thrilled to be expanding into Germany – the next destination of our European evolution. As part of our plans, we have appointed Michael Piette as the new Business Development Manager to launch and grow our business in this promising and previously untouched market.

Though we may have only just opened our doors in Germany, we certainly aren’t hanging around, as evidenced by our recent boiler rental contract with a customer on the outskirts of Berlin – and not just any customer! At Andrews Sykes, we’re used to working alongside household names from multiple industries, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a Center Parcs resort in Germany solicited our assistance.

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Preserving history: Dehumidification for household cultural institutions

The British Museum, one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world, houses over eight million works illustrating human culture and history. This vast collection requires carefully controlled environmental conditions to prevent damage, so when their permanent dehumidification system unexpectedly broke down, raising relative humidity levels to a harmful 80%, they urgently contacted our company to help.

Within 24 hours, we delivered a fleet of our compact yet powerful FD40 Series 2 dehumidifiers on a three-week hire. Despite the enormous volume of the museum’s galleries and storage facilities, the FD40s units quickly brought the relative humidity down to the target level of 50%. The customer was “overly happy” with the fast delivery and performance of the units, which protected fragile artefacts while blending into the background with their modern, low-profile design.

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Making employee well-being a priority this World Mental Health Day

Today, on World Mental Health Day, it’s important to remember that seeking help is a sign of strength. Read on for some tips and resources to support your mental health:

Take breaks away from your workstation

Working often involves labour-intensive tasks and long hours on your feet. While you want to be diligent in your duties, don’t forget the importance of taking regular breaks.

Schedule short breaks every couple of hours to step away from your workstation. Use this time to hydrate, stretch your legs, or get a quick snack to refuel. Even a brief moment of relaxation can re-energise both your body and mind.

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A Day in the Life of a Lorry Driver: Insights from Josh Ede

Marketing Assistant Jahdia Spencer gets a taste of life as a lorry driver and documents her experiences!

When it comes to imagining what a lorry driver does during a working day, it is assumed by the majority that they just sit behind a wheel and drive. But in reality, it takes much more than that to be a good lorry driver, especially on these traffic-infested London roads.
If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a lorry driver, then this blog is for you. I had the privilege of shadowing and interviewing Josh Ede, a lorry driver who has been in the profession for two and a half years. Josh has been working with Andrews Sykes for the past year, and he shared some insights on what it’s like to be a lorry driver with us.

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Don’t forget! Our comprehensive fuel management packages ensure you don’t miss a beat!

As the country’s leading specialist hire company, we understand that running a successful business means paying attention to the smaller details. However, when it comes to fuel management, you can leave all the intricacies to us! We’ll handle every aspect with meticulous care, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free experience every time you deal with us.

Our customers have a number of flexible options available to them, with two primary services offered. These are:

Complete fuel management

Encompassing every element of fuel delivery, monitoring and resupply, this service is ideal for clients who wish for all fuel-related matters to be handled by us.

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Building trust, one day at a time: meet Steve!

Introducing Steve Lynch, our dedicated Operations Manager overseeing our four depots in Scotland – Glasgow, Grangemouth, Inverness, and Aberdeen.

Steve’s remarkable journey with Andrews Sykes spans an impressive 37 years. His commitment to excellence and attentively serving our customers have played a significant role in upholding our strong reputation in Scotland.

“Andrews Sykes has always been highly thought of by our many customers in Scotland. It’s a name that people can trust, and they do,” Steve reflected.

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Andrews provides tailored solution for underground tank drying application

Andrews Sykes has been a trusted heating and dehumidification specialist for decades – and with good reason. Recently, a Scottish water company faced a challenge with a tank that needed quick drying, and they turned to our knowledgeable sales engineers for a solution.

With the client opting for a free site survey, our engineer promptly visited the location in West Kilbride.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the tank itself was below ground, making accessibility slightly more limited than anticipated. Challenging, perhaps, but certainly nothing we couldn’t contend with!

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Filtration Sensation: Kent hospital benefits from AC/HEPA combo solution

Maidstone Hospital faced a critical need for infection control measures and temporary cooling, with the requirement surfacing long before temperatures rose. To address this challenge, they reached out to Andrews Sykes months in advance. Initially, we supplied 38 modified PAC 22 air conditioning units fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtrations. This case study examines how we accommodate the needs of an NHS Trust, tailoring our solution to ensure government standards were met.

In early March, Maidstone Hospital contacted us regarding the procurement of air conditioning units that could function alongside their existing cooling systems while adhering to infection control regulation. Our popular split-type units were fitted with HEPA filtration to create a safer and healthier environment for patients and healthcare workers. By efficiently filtering and removing harmful airborne particles while delivering the temperature relief that has become so essential during the hotter months of the year, our equipment offered a double-edged solution to a problem that healthcare facilities face every year.

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We put the icing on the cake for Glaswegian cake manufacturer

Indulging in a deliciously frosted cake is a true delight, but have you ever wondered what it takes to ensure those delectable treats are made to perfection? One vital ingredient in the recipe for success is maintaining the ideal temperature in the production facilities. Recently, Andrews Sykes had the privilege of providing air conditioning to one of the country’s largest cake manufacturers, based in Glasgow, Scotland. But how did we help keep the baking magic alive?

The issue

Every masterpiece requires the right conditions, and the frosting application area in the cake manufacturer’s facility posed a challenge. The temperature in this critical zone was too high, affecting the delicate process of applying icing onto cakes and confectionery. Moreover, the comfort of the dedicated staff was also at stake. A swift solution was needed to ensure that every cake would be a masterpiece and all members of staff could work in a pleasant environment.

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Helping event organisers ensure the party doesn’t stop!

A renowned British holiday park in Kent faced a major challenge while preparing for its 25th annual event – inadequate ventilation in the dance hall with a heatwave thought to be approaching. To combat this, the event organisers turned to Andrews Sykes for a suitable air conditioning hire solution.

Our team conducted two site visits well in advance to plan and execute the perfect cooling strategy. Early engagement allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the venue’s needs, ensuring a successful installation. A follow-up visit one week before the event helped to finalise enabling works and equipment setup, addressing any concerns promptly.

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