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Andrews Sykes hire provides cooling for Peterborough broadcast company

Heatwaves have the potential to cause problems for a broad range of businesses, with companies operating out of warehouses and factories among those likely to be affected. During the warm summer period, a broadcasting hardware company in Cambridgeshire, was experiencing issues with their cooling system which was jeopardising the company’s daily operations. This prompted the [...]

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Sykes Pumps Hire provide emergency pumps for Salmon Farm

Sykes Pumps Hire was recently approached by a salmon farm in the Lake District, with the client requiring a solution to prevent and monitor low water supply. Our client is based near a Cumbrian reservoir that was highly affected by the 2018 summer heatwave, which subsequently caused the availability of water to almost completely dry [...]

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All you need to know about building dryers

The Andrews building dryer range can handle up to 75 litres of dehumidification capacity per hour! Among this range is the FD40DV, which is one of the most popular units available for hire in the UK. Our robust dryers are frequently used for building construction applications that require high levels of drying power. The process [...]

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Summer heat necessitates fan hire for gym

Exercising in a gymnasium can be hard work at the best of times, particularly in facilities that are not blessed with efficient cooling systems. Compound this with a lack of air conditioning and a sharp upturn in seasonal temperatures, and there’s every chance that those engaging in physical activity feel even less comfortable both during [...]

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School exam hall seeks comfort cooling arrangement

Examination periods are arguably the most stressful time for students and school pupils, so the last thing they need is an additional problem when sat at their desks. End-of-year assessments – including GCSEs and A-levels – typically commence in May and this often coincides with a seasonal upturn in the weather. So when a high-achieving [...]

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Let’s talk refrigerant dehumidifiers

Refrigerant dehumidifiers, work by drawing damp air from a particular area into the unit itself, before passing it over a cold evaporator coil, bringing the air below its dewpoint temperature. This causes the moisture contained within the air to turn into condensation, the condensation is then collected from the unit’s coils and either drained into [...]

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The magic of the desiccant dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidifiers work by drawing air across a rotating wheel which contains an absorption material, such as silica gel. As the air passes through the wheel, moisture is removed. The wheel continues to rotate, removing and drying out any form of moisture from the air using built-in heaters. Our Andrews Desiccant Dehumidifiers hire range includes [...]

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Large vessel ventilated during restoration

As the UK’s leading provider of ventilation hire equipment, we are very well acquainted with companies operating within a broad range of industries – including refineries and petrochemical applications. Our commitment to working alongside major clients immersed in this field saw us provide a comprehensive ventilation solution for one of the country’s largest oil producers. [...]

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Sykes Pumps aid fire installation

At Sykes Pumps, we continually update our products and regularly add new innovations to our fleet to ensure we always have the most advanced units within the industry. Our continual investment in new pumps was once again highlighted by the launch of a new medium head pump – the 150/100 Super wispa. This was designed [...]

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Fishing club seeks remediation assistance

When a local fishing club began experiencing an increased presence of algae in its lakes, they contacted Sykes Pumps in search of a rapid solution. Algae are essentially plant-like organisms that grow when a body of water contains inadequate nutrients or is deprived exposure to enough light. A nutrient-enriched lake is likely to cause large quantities of algae to develop, and [...]

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