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Britain’s Biggest Moaners – Part 2

Weather Talking about the weather is by no means a pastime confined to the British Isles. However, we do tend to see it as a birthright, an essential cornerstone for any conversation where each participant isn’t sure other the other person’s name or if they have nothing in common. But, who really chews the most [...]

Britain’s Biggest Moaners – Part 1

Britain is often stereotyped as a nation of moaners. A population made up of men and women who love nothing more than to complain about, well, anything really! On any given day during the autumn and winter months, you’re likely to catch wind of someone complaining how the temperature has dropped, or the weather has [...]

Summer Office Perks

From table football to a simple cuppa, perks in offices around the country differ. Andrews Sykes wanted to shed some light on the subject by running a survey amongst office workers around England and Wales to see who wants and gets what. Been thinking you’d like to work less hours in the summer months? Well [...]