Britain’s Biggest Moaners – Part 2


Talking about the weather is by no means a pastime confined to the British Isles. However, we do tend to see it as a birthright, an essential cornerstone for any conversation where each participant isn’t sure other the other person’s name or if they have nothing in common. But, who really chews the most fat about the weather and, do their complaints match up with the facts, or are we all just full of hot air?

In order to answer this question we once again fine-tuned the dials of our social media-monitoring tool in order to discover Britain’s biggest weather whingers.

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Britain’s Biggest Moaners – Part 1

Britain is often stereotyped as a nation of moaners. A population made up of men and women who love nothing more than to complain about, well, anything really!

On any given day during the autumn and winter months, you’re likely to catch wind of someone complaining how the temperature has dropped, or the weather has turned, they battle to talk about whether a bug going round our office, or the fact that it’s gotten dark all of a sudden. God forbid anyone mentioning that ‘winter is coming’.

So it’s no surprise that A study in 2016 by the Ombudsman Services calculated that in total, Britons made up to 52 million complaints within the year. We, Andrews Sykes decided to look a little deeper at this data and combine it with some our own, by considering complaints from across the UK around weather, temperature and illness complaints in order to discover Britain’s biggest moaners.

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Summer Office Perks

From table football to a simple cuppa, perks in offices around the country differ. Andrews Sykes wanted to shed some light on the subject by running a survey amongst office workers around England and Wales to see who wants and gets what.

Been thinking you’d like to work less hours in the summer months? Well here might be some serious ammo as to why you should be seeing more perks in your office:

  • Free tea/coffee facilities came out as the most appealing selected by an overall 59% of workers.
  • However it looks like an astounding 48% of companies don’t offer free tea/coffee to their employees.
  • Coming up as the most common perks offered are free/tea coffee facilities (52%), showers (29%), changing facilities (24%), the ability to work from home (22%) and the ability to regulate the office temperature (20%).
  • 19% of workers say their company doesn’t offer any of the perks listed in the survey.
  • When it comes to summer perks offered, flexible hours and a more relaxed dress code both came out top at 22%.
  • Not only the most popular summer perks, but also the most wanted. Turns out 43% of workers would like are flexible hours, 41% summer hours and 33% crave free ice cream/treats – with those aged 25-34 the most attracted to these.
  • Spring in your step? 46% of people said summer office perks would make them overall happier and 37% feeling more motivated.

What office benefits do people really get?

When office workers were asked which they would consider office ‘perks’, they were all about the hot beverages. Free tea/coffee facilities came out as the factor that appeals to the majority (59%), followed by free fruit/snacks (52%), subsidised canteen (51%) and the ability to work from home (43%).

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