Heater Hire

Global healthcare company seeks heater hire for warehouse staff

One of the most widespread knock-on effects of the COVID-19 epidemic has been a huge increase in the number of people using hand sanitiser products. There have been times where demand has greatly outstripped supply, with manufacturers desperate to plug the gap and increase availability.

Earlier this year, Andrews Sykes was contacted by a logistics company responsible for the production of hand sanitiser following a heating malfunction at two of their warehouses in the North East. It transpired that the client’s existing HVAC system was inoperable and meant that a temporary alternative would be required in two separate premises located a few hundred metres apart.

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Heater hire warms cast of much-loved British drama series

At Andrews, we are well-known for providing the TV and film sector with temporary climate control solutions that discreetly enhance the conditions of a set or studio from the minute they are installed. While outdoor locations and large open areas generally present the biggest challenges, our industry expertise is such that we guarantee to always tailor a hire package that suits you.

At the start of the new year, a London-based production company contacted us regarding a potential heating arrangement for a converted film set in Yorkshire. Our client was actually put in touch with us by a different production house after being impressed with the equipment we had provided them on a separate project.

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High capacity heating arrangement assists concrete curing process

Temperature can have a major effect on trade works, and it is important to take it into consideration before working with concrete during winter. This applies to both the ambient air temperature and that of the concrete itself, with undesirable conditions likely to affect the strength and integrity of the end product.

The potential for complications caused by cold weather is something construction firms are extremely aware of, prompting a national building and logistics company to approach us before they laid concrete slabs on a development in Milton Keynes.

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Distinguished London hospital seeks heater hire for COVID testing and vaccination centres

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Andrews has worked alongside the NHS on a national scale to provide a range of essential HVAC services. Initially tasked with supplying comfort cooling in hospitals, improving ventilation in sealed areas and connecting boilers for temporary heating and showering facilities, our input is now required to help assist the next stage of recovery.

One of the capital’s largest and most well-known hospitals contacted us in early December and asked us to propose a short-term heating configuration that would maintain a comfortable temperature inside two temporary structures.

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Police station hires temporary heating solution during site refurb

Before the renovation of a prominent London police station began, it was agreed by the construction company leading the project that a new heating system would be installed by a specialist mechanical contractor. Unfortunately, this part of the job has had to be pushed back as a result of a supply issue caused by the pandemic.

With much of the building still occupied while improvement work was being undertaken, it was essential for a temporary heating solution to be sourced to ensure desk officers and administrative staff based at the station were warm enough while carrying out their daily duties.

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Emergency heater hire protects care home residents following boiler failure

Residential care homes are quite rightly held to extremely high standards as far as health and safety is concerned, with minimum temperature thresholds in place to protect the vulnerable people who live in them. Any boiler or heating malfunction should therefore be addressed with the greatest urgency to avoid the logistical headache of having to relocate patients.

In the past, Andrews has provided a national facilities management company with temporary heating solutions across a full spectrum of applications including, recently, several nursing homes.

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Vaccination HQ at Ashton Gate stadium now operational thanks to Andrews

The rollout of an approved COVID-19 vaccine which is now available for distribution throughout the UK  marks a decisive turning point in the fight against a pandemic that has shackled the world for most of 2020.

Since early December, dozens of hospitals dotted around the country have been administering the groundbreaking jab that has seen Britain lead the way on a global effort to protect people.

Healthcare services are working flat out to ensure vaccine hubs stock sufficient dosages, with the armed forces also enlisted to assist with transportation and site management.

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Andrews provides temporary heating for COVID-19 test centres across Europe

As the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic, a huge increase in the presence of testing facilities has fuelled confidence that cases can be swiftly identified to limit the spread of further infections. To date, the UK has carried out more COVID-19 tests than any other European country but with the battle to overcome the virus set to rumble on for many months, it is critical that testing centres remain fully functional during the winter.

With seasonal temperatures already dropping sharply, Andrews Heat for Hire has been busy providing these applications with temporary heating solutions.

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Integrated heater and dryer arrangement helps client overcome water ingress issue

A recent study conducted by a construction insurance company has revealed that water damage is the second most common cause of loss or delays on UK building projects. Water ingress is an issue that has blighted developments for decades, underlining the importance of astute risk management and contingency plans as and when something does go wrong.

In the build-up to Christmas, a nationwide building and civil engineering contractor got in touch with us to report a problem that was preventing the commencement of wet trades being applied to a series of residential properties.

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Heater hire cuts screed drying times to keep building project on track

Now more than ever, construction companies are under great pressure to complete building projects on time and ensure that any potential causes of delay are quickly addressed. One of the most common reasons for deadlines being pushed back is a need for screed to dry properly, which can lead to developments grinding to a halt and prevent labourers from accessing the impacted areas.

This was the situation facing a contractor responsible for upgrading a large sports complex in Cambridgeshire and prompted them to get in touch with Andrews. Our client had initially hired some DE190 electric heaters from us to assist the drying of resin in a toilet block on site, but they now required a high capacity heating solution for the project’s next phase.

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