Heater Hire

Multi-solution climate control arrangement keeps major vaccination hub in service

With the Covid-19 vaccination drive in full flow and the daily average for jabs administered well above 300,000, temporary medical centres are taking measures to ensure seasonal temperatures and conditions remain safe for those receiving their inoculations.

There are four dedicated vaccination hubs within the grounds of a prominent London hospital, with their estates team requesting that we tailor an HVAC solution for the entire application.

Given the unpredictable climate and fluctuating temperatures that have so far been synonymous with April, our client was looking for both heating and cooling. The cold mornings at present necessitate heating equipment, but with this viewed as a long-term project and summer heat inevitable, air conditioning systems have also been earmarked as a top priority.

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FM company hires kit for load testing following office refurb

With a significant proportion of office workers still expected to remain at home for the foreseeable future, many facilities managers have taken the opportunity to implement changes while building occupancy is low.

A large commercial office site based at London Wall subsequently took the opportunity to renovate their whole premises, with a comprehensive redesign even extending to new HVAC systems being installed.

In such situations, it is very common for heating and cooling load tests to be carried out in order to verify electrical and climate control capacities within each room. This process allows contractors to identify any inefficiencies within newly installed systems and make the necessary adaptions before the office is back to full capacity.

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Andrews delivers heating solution to unconventional production control room

Our experience of working alongside TV companies is extensive and has seen us provide specialist equipment to assist the filming of some of the world’s most popular films and shows. During that time, there is very little we haven’t seen. From creating artificial waterfalls for a specific scene to delivering a quiet high capacity air conditioning system designed to cool an entire TV studio, our track record for implementing solutions speaks for itself.

The aptitude of Andrews Sykes’ engineers is well-known in the industry, which is why a private media company responsible for the production of one of the UK’s best-loved series felt confident about trusting us with a requirement they had.

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Happy customer comes back for more with another heating requirement

There is no greater indication of client satisfaction than repeat business, which is something we can definitively pinpoint as being a fundamental reason behind Andrews Sykes’ success and longevity.

The importance of recurring custom is obvious and has been exemplified once again by a recent instance in which a temporary heater hire paved the way for two more projects that we were subsequently asked to take the lead on.

Following the success of a screed drying job at a site along the South Coast, we were approached by the same company and asked to provide another solution for an application at a different location – this time near Didcot.

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Residential development kept on track thanks to Andrews Heat for Hire

When the construction company responsible for building two new blocks of flats in North London became concerned about adverse weather and low temperatures slowing the project, they turned to us. Their primary concern was that internal trades including timber joinery and the laying of flooring would fall behind schedule and cause delays to the entire development.

By keeping timber at a stable and warm temperature, the heating process breaks down hemicellulose which prevents the wood containing the nutrients required to allow rot and the growth of fungi. Despite being a seemingly small measure, taking such a precaution will dramatically extend the quality and lifespan of the timber.

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Andrews installs heaters to accelerate wet trade drying in new school building

The construction of a new block at an educational academy in the West Midlands was behind schedule, prompting the lead contractor to take steps to ensure the project was brought up to speed.

Wet trades and the drying times associated with them were causing major issues, with painting, grouting, concrete, screed and tiling all requiring completion before the next stage of the development could commence.

Prior to Andrews Sykes’ involvement, the client had been using a competitor’s heating solution which they quickly ascertained was not going to perform as hoped. With time very much of the essence and alternative equipment needed as a matter of urgency, they turned to our local expert who performed a site survey that same afternoon.

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Replacement heating system bails out major British retailer

When the Direct Expansion (DX) units failed at a well-known food store in Yorkshire, alternative equipment was required on site immediately to restore conditions inside the premises. Our customer explained that their original system was not repairable and that, having received complaints, a stand-in heating solution was required immediately.

Andrews’ regional expert visited the food hall to determine the best way forward and recommended the installation of one of our high capacity FH2000 units. The idea was for our temporary heater to feed warm air into the store by using the client’s own ventilation shafts. A custom-made spigot was then made to ensure our 600mm ducting could be connected to the system.

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Global healthcare company seeks heater hire for warehouse staff

One of the most widespread knock-on effects of the COVID-19 epidemic has been a huge increase in the number of people using hand sanitiser products. There have been times where demand has greatly outstripped supply, with manufacturers desperate to plug the gap and increase availability.

Earlier this year, Andrews Sykes was contacted by a logistics company responsible for the production of hand sanitiser following a heating malfunction at two of their warehouses in the North East. It transpired that the client’s existing HVAC system was inoperable and meant that a temporary alternative would be required in two separate premises located a few hundred metres apart.

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Heater hire warms cast of much-loved British drama series

At Andrews, we are well-known for providing the TV and film sector with temporary climate control solutions that discreetly enhance the conditions of a set or studio from the minute they are installed. While outdoor locations and large open areas generally present the biggest challenges, our industry expertise is such that we guarantee to always tailor a hire package that suits you.

At the start of the new year, a London-based production company contacted us regarding a potential heating arrangement for a converted film set in Yorkshire. Our client was actually put in touch with us by a different production house after being impressed with the equipment we had provided them on a separate project.

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High capacity heating arrangement assists concrete curing process

Temperature can have a major effect on trade works, and it is important to take it into consideration before working with concrete during winter. This applies to both the ambient air temperature and that of the concrete itself, with undesirable conditions likely to affect the strength and integrity of the end product.

The potential for complications caused by cold weather is something construction firms are extremely aware of, prompting a national building and logistics company to approach us before they laid concrete slabs on a development in Milton Keynes.

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