Heater Hire

Andrews Heat for Hire: making winter more affordable!

With continually rising energy prices, we understand businesses need smart solutions to dramatically reduce heating costs this winter. Andrews Sykes offers several advanced options to help companies efficiently and affordably warm their workspaces:

Switch to Industrial Heating Oil

Transitioning your heating systems to our cleaner-burning, highly efficient Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) can lead to substantial fuel savings of up to 25% compared to traditional diesel. Producing fewer noxious emissions while retaining the same key performance qualities, our IHO-powered rental heaters and boilers also achieve over 90% efficiency for maximum energy savings.

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Product of the Month – October

Winter is fast approaching! If you’re looking to keep your large indoor spaces warm during the chilly months ahead, our Product of the Month for October offers you a perfect solution – the Aurora FH4000 portable oil-fired heater.

With a heating capacity of up to 383kW, the FH4000 can efficiently heat spaces up to 8,457mᶟ in size. This heavy-duty heater is built to withstand tough industrial environments with its sturdy, lockable stainless steel chassis and fully automatic operation. Despite its rugged construction, the FH4000 delivers an impressive 92% fuel efficiency when used in recirculation mode. But what does this mean? Watch our video here.

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September’s Product of the Month: Aurora FH 111 DV heater

As summer’s end ushers in frosty temperatures, keeping facilities warm becomes critical. Our September product of the month, the Aurora FH 111 DV indirect fired oil heater, is a powerful, heavy-duty heating solution ready for winter.

This compact unit measures just 78cm wide, manoeuvring into tight spaces where bulkier heaters can’t. With 110kW of nominal heating capacity, the FH 111 DV efficiently warms large areas up to 2,440m3. It’s ideal for barns, warehouses, construction sites, events, and anywhere requiring robust indoor heating.

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Andrews provides tailored solution for underground tank drying application

Andrews Sykes has been a trusted heating and dehumidification specialist for decades – and with good reason. Recently, a Scottish water company faced a challenge with a tank that needed quick drying, and they turned to our knowledgeable sales engineers for a solution.

With the client opting for a free site survey, our engineer promptly visited the location in West Kilbride.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the tank itself was below ground, making accessibility slightly more limited than anticipated. Challenging, perhaps, but certainly nothing we couldn’t contend with!

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Major client, multiple units, no problem!

Our electric heaters have been flying off the shelves in France this winter but, sometimes, you just need something slightly bigger!

Earlier in March, our colleagues at Andrews Climat Location were approached by one of the country’s largest civil engineering and construction companies – Eiffage – seeking a solution on behalf of their client.

The end user was a multinational technology organisation with a very prominent presence in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Because of their rapid growth in recent years, the tech manufacturer was in the process of extending their site – and this is where the heating requirement came from.

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Video: How to save money on your heating installation

We’re always looking to promote fuel savings to customers who hire heaters (and other products!) from us, because who doesn’t like saving money?

As such, we’re very excited to share the below video demonstrating the ease with which our units can be configured to a recirculation mode.

This short production combines sleek footage and simple animations to showcase the flexibility on offer from Andrews Heat for Hire.

Looking to get more out of your heating units and keep costs low at the same time? Contact us today at 0800 211 611.

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What happened in Europe this month? – Valentine’s Edition


It’s the season of love, but we know that not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. In some instances, self-care and personal growth must take priority. We’ve taken this somewhat literally in Belgium, with our progress in the region recently extending to opening a third depot in the country.

Our new property in Kortrijk gives us a wonderful platform from which to serve customers in the west of Belgium – as well as northern France – and we’re very confident that we’ll be able to make defining connections with a number of customers based in this expansive region. Love at first sight, or love at first site?

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Five “date” ideas for you to take your temporary heating unit this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, our temporary heating units are always ready to be hired to keep you warm. Most of the units in the Andrews Heat for Hire fleet are fully mobile and quiet enough to be put into a range of environments and industries.

Below, we have given a few examples of the perfect “date spots” to locate some of our units where they would thrive. Remember, we have a wide range of heaters for a vast selection of environments, sectors, and applications. Our extensive range of safe, efficient, and modern heating units are available for immediate delivery across the country from our strategically located depots nationwide. We offer competitive rates and can configure our solutions to permit significant savings on fuel usage. So, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match!

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Products of the Month – February

February is the month of LOVE.

Love is in the air, and sometimes, in the water too! Our monthly product segment has returned again in February, and perhaps fittingly, now features a pair of units.

We’re not entirely sure how they met, but what we do know is that they are the perfect foil to Romeo & Juliet, or just about any other clichéd Valentine’s duo.

They say opposites attract, so let us introduce you to the new IT couple:

DE190 and Piranha S21

The DE190 is a high-capacity electrical heater with three different power settings – 21kW, 42kW, and fan only. It is ideal for heating large industrial spaces of up to 1,200m³ in size. This fully portable fan heater comes complete with an optional remote thermostat and is an ideal heating source for virtually any setting that requires high-capacity fume-free warm air. These include manufacturing facilities, building sites, and tank drying applications.

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Andrews Heat for Hire stops cast stone manufacturers from becoming stone cold!

As a sustainability conscious company, we’re pledging to strengthen our efforts to reduce our waste production in 2023. So it was rather fitting that one of our first projects in the new year involved assisting another organisation to fulfil the same commitment.

In some industries, low temperatures are not conducive to maximising output and this can, in itself, also lead to materials being wasted or damaged. Many of our clients manufacture products or store raw materials that need to be maintained at a certain temperature to preserve their condition and eliminate the risk of items being destroyed or discarded.

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