Dehumidifier Hire

Andrews Dehumidification: Your first mate for ship shape renovations!

Recently, a customer in Glasgow contacted us in search of a solution to help fast-track the restoration of their ship – bow to stern – while it was held in dry dock. To rapidly dry out the internal areas in preparation for new paint applications, we recommended a customised dehumidification solution.

Based on the vessel specifications and layout, our team engineered a tailored system comprised of three high-powered KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers. To maximise circulation, we fitted the units with extensive ducting running to key areas including the gunwales, hull, and lowest decks. All electrical cabling and connections were handled by our technicians for fast, compliant installation to get the project at full steam ahead…

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Preserving history: Dehumidification for household cultural institutions

The British Museum, one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world, houses over eight million works illustrating human culture and history. This vast collection requires carefully controlled environmental conditions to prevent damage, so when their permanent dehumidification system unexpectedly broke down, raising relative humidity levels to a harmful 80%, they urgently contacted our company to help.

Within 24 hours, we delivered a fleet of our compact yet powerful FD40 Series 2 dehumidifiers on a three-week hire. Despite the enormous volume of the museum’s galleries and storage facilities, the FD40s units quickly brought the relative humidity down to the target level of 50%. The customer was “overly happy” with the fast delivery and performance of the units, which protected fragile artefacts while blending into the background with their modern, low-profile design.

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What happened in Europe this month? – Valentine’s Edition


It’s the season of love, but we know that not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. In some instances, self-care and personal growth must take priority. We’ve taken this somewhat literally in Belgium, with our progress in the region recently extending to opening a third depot in the country.

Our new property in Kortrijk gives us a wonderful platform from which to serve customers in the west of Belgium – as well as northern France – and we’re very confident that we’ll be able to make defining connections with a number of customers based in this expansive region. Love at first sight, or love at first site?

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What’s been happening in Europe this month?


We knew last month had been a good one, but it has since come to light that it was our best December on record from a revenue perspective! Britain experienced snowfall, ice and bitter temperatures – and it’s fair to say our clients were cold. Although we didn’t have a choice in the weather, our loyal customers chose us to provide temporary heating units. We’ve always made it our target to provide a high level of service and deliver during sleet, snow, or shine, and that’s exactly what we did!

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What’s been happening in Europe this Month? (World Cup Edition)


In the UK, it is our social media channels that have been receiving the plaudits! Out of our amazing line-up, we have awarded the golden boot to our TikTok page – after recently going viral and hitting more than 100k views in one video! Click the hyperlinks below and make sure you follow us on all channels! We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.


In Italy, our colleagues at Nolo Climat have finally let one of our newest players off the bench to make their debut. We are of course referring to our new submersible pumps, and it is with great delight that we announce that some of these are now out on hire! Quite fittingly, a sporting association needed to move water from one pond to another, prompting an enquiry and our first official pump order.

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Product of the Month – December

DH150 Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Our DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers are economical, portable, and incredibly easy to use. The unit is a firm favourite among customers, with its popularity stemming from a high extraction rate and cost-effective functionality – traits that will always be looked upon favourably by those who hire dryers from us!

As a high-capacity dehumidifier, it is capable of drying large applications and requires only a 415V power supply in order to operate. Designed to dry out areas of up to 1,650m³ and control the humidity in areas up to 3,300m³, the DH150 will effectively combat condensation, dampness, mould growth, and just about any other issue associated with the excessive presence of moisture.

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How can I prevent mould growth in my building?

The dangers of mould have prominently featured in the news in recent days, and this is a topic that everyone should be more aware of. The thought of being a victim to chronic exposure to black mould should be a concerning one. As energy bills soar and the need to cut back takes hold, businesses could be at greater risk of dampness increasing.

Ineffective moisture control has worrying implications for all of us, including those who work for you, so it’s important to ensure that humidity levels are kept within a range of 40-60%. Failure to do so increases the likelihood of people developing respiratory illnesses, skin dryness and eye irritation, but can also have an impact on your building’s structure and its contents.

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Metal manufacturer protects steel consignment and saves money in the process!

There is no better indicator of our excellent customer service than yielding repeat customers. As a basic principle, we always aim to stand out from the competition and add value to a project each time we visit a site.

Earlier this month, our experts were approached by one of the UK’s largest steel producers – as has been the case for most of the last decade!

The change in weather meant that moisture levels had risen above the safe range of between 35-55%, drastically increasing the risk of corrosion and metal oxidation. With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of steel exposed to high levels of moisture, a dedicated solution was required to preserve our client’s assets.

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Goodbye air conditioning, hello heating, ventilation and drying!

And just like that, a new, colder and wetter season is upon us! As the temperature changes, so, too, do the requirements of our customers. Colder weather also tends to lead to a rise in relative humidity – which is not something you should just accept or ignore!

What’s the answer, then? Well, it depends on the issue!

At this time of year especially, we tend to get a lot of enquiries from clients in the construction sector looking to accelerate the drying of wet trades, painting, and other finishing touches. By November, we’ll also start to receive a lot of requests for heating as a frost protection measure.

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Modern portable dehumidifier guarantees economical drying

As a company that endeavours to bring new products to market frequently to ensure we stay ahead of customer requirements, it is with delight that we now introduce our latest building dryer – the FD40 Series 2.

This portable refrigerant unit joins a very popular range and will be one of the most cost-efficient dehumidifiers of its kind available on the market.

With a maximum extraction rate of 62 litres for every 24 hours of operation, the FD40 Series 2 has a significantly higher drying capacity than most other units of similar size.

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