Chiller Hire

Storytime: How Andrews Sykes always saves the day

Once upon a time, in the fast-paced land of manufacturing, the engineers of Andrews Sykes were regarded as heroes, for they understood the value of every fleeting moment. This is because, amongst the countless businesses, one company stood out, Andrews Sykes, who possessed the power to turn the tides when time hung in the balance.

In the kingdom of Carrington, where the realm of plastic fabrication thrived, a dire situation unfolded, threatening to halt the vital operations of prominent players in the manufacturing industry.

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Serving up aces at prestigious tennis event

With a legacy of excellence, Andrews Sykes has built robust business relationships across diverse industries, including sports and leisure. For over a decade, we have consistently assigned a dedicated engineer to install a 100 kW Chiller at a prominent London tennis tournament.

Driven by our client’s vision to elevate the experience of VIP guests, we embarked on a mission to transform their indoor court into an exclusive lounge for tennis club members. Leveraging our expertise in court infrastructure and lounge design, our engineers swiftly conducted a comprehensive safety site survey. This meticulous approach paved the way for seamless chiller installation and ducting, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the tournament.

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Crisis averted: Andrews Sykes tackles bitumen emergency

Andrews Sykes has never been a stranger to unique and time-sensitive challenges. Recently, we encountered a particularly pressing issue when a Manchester-based fuel quality and tank risk mitigation company found themselves in a dire emergency. A devastating fire had ravaged their bitumen plant, resulting in ruined supplies that needed immediate attention.

The first order of business was to swiftly eliminate the cold air bitumen from the silo to prevent any further complications. To tackle this daunting task, we devised a truly innovative approach. Our team recommended the utilisation of a 150 kW chiller, coupled with a 100 kW air handler and 600 mm of ducting, to create a controlled cooling environment. The ultimate goal was to reduce the temperature of the bitumen, causing it to solidify and become more manageable for extraction.

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How do chillers work and which unit is best for me?

Finding a temporary cooling solution can be a daunting challenge, particularly if your requirement is of an urgent nature. With this in mind, the team at Andrews Chillers have created a short video that explains the functionality of chillers and how to guarantee the perfect outcome for your cooling application.

Using sample scenarios, the animation demonstrates the specific process that a unit goes through to provide the cooling for your requirement.

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Andrews Sykes provides cooling solutions for critical medical amenities

At Andrews Sykes, we take great pride in providing first-class chiller hire services to our valued clients. Recently, we received a call from a hospital based in North London, which was in dire need of a reliable and efficient chiller unit. With our proven track record of successfully completing a similar job for a hospital located in southeast London, we were the perfect choice for the job.

The hospital’s current chiller unit was unable to meet their needs, covering all air conditioning units and MRI scanning facilities, making it a critical requirement. With summer approaching, the client contacted us early to ensure that they had no issues before the temperature began to rise. Our team understands the importance of flexibility in customer service, which is why we went above and beyond to provide exceptional service – as we do in every instance.

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World-famous brewery avoids hangover thanks to bespoke chiller replacement

Many companies are capable of providing high capacity chillers when requested by a customer, but only a small percentage can offer an intricately tailored solution that meets truly unique specifications.

For the last decade, Andrews Sykes has established a strong relationship with one of the world’s most well-regarded breweries – and it’s flourished simply because of the high level of service we provide.

We understand the client, we understand their needs, and we’ll go above and beyond expectations to ensure every facet of the project has been methodically considered.

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What’s been happening in Europe this Month? (World Cup Edition)


In the UK, it is our social media channels that have been receiving the plaudits! Out of our amazing line-up, we have awarded the golden boot to our TikTok page – after recently going viral and hitting more than 100k views in one video! Click the hyperlinks below and make sure you follow us on all channels! We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.


In Italy, our colleagues at Nolo Climat have finally let one of our newest players off the bench to make their debut. We are of course referring to our new submersible pumps, and it is with great delight that we announce that some of these are now out on hire! Quite fittingly, a sporting association needed to move water from one pond to another, prompting an enquiry and our first official pump order.

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Low temperatures, low GWP: introducing our new Fast Chill units!

We pride ourselves on bringing new products to market – we always have done – and there’s always a rationale behind each launch. Sometimes we act on customer feedback, sometimes we want to pre-empt environmental legislation, and sometimes we simply look to make a popular existing product even better.

For many years, our specialist Fast Chill range has been the envy of the industry while at the same time being highly sought-after by clients in specific market sectors.

Each unit is robust, dependable, safe, economical, and can bring temperatures down to as low as -10⁰C. In fact, our Fast Chill units are the perfect solution for cold storage areas, food and beverage manufacturing processes. How, then, could we improve them?

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Emergency chiller replacement ensures breakfast is still served!

Andrews Sykes has always had close ties with the food and beverage industry, having routinely provided temporary equipment to some of the biggest names in the field. Manufacturing processes, in particular, often go hand in hand with very specific requirements involving cooling, refrigeration or even freezing.

Our expertise was recently called into action by an established refrigeration specialist, who was responsible for maintaining equipment on behalf of one of the country’s best-loved cereal companies.

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Eleventh-hour chiller hire ensures the show goes on at London’s Lyceum Theatre

Last month saw a very poignant relaunch of the eternally popular The Lion King musical, following a difficult year for theatregoers and the arts industry in general.

The acclaimed Disney production is now back up and running, to the delight of 2,000-strong crowds fortunate enough to secure tickets for what have been billed as a celebratory performances in the wake of 16 months of Covid restrictions.

And while we can only imagine the stress and anxiety levels of those performing on the day, we can be candid in admitting that our engineers experienced a slightly different kind of pressure to ensure all was well before the front curtain was raised!

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