Climate Contingency Services

Andrews Chillers aid warehouse conversion

A well-known construction firm in Thurmaston recently completed work to convert empty warehouse space into a functioning chilled storage area, in order to accommodate surplus stock during the Christmas period. Andrews Sykes were tasked with providing the necessary equipment to transform the warehouse into a chilled store. The solution to the problem involved delivering and installing six Fast Chill 90 units – complete with relevant cabling and pipework – to ensure the desired temperature could be achieved.

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Worse Winter Yet?

A leading UK newspaper has warned that the nation will grind to a halt in upcoming freezing weather conditions. Weather forecasters have predicted that this will be the worst winter for 100 years. Temperatures are going to drop radically during the next few days and will even be close to freezing. The Met Office has warned about the heavy rain that is due to hit this weekend, particularly in the South of England.

Severe storms are already thought to have caused the deaths of two people in Wiltshire yesterday as a man spun off the road in a Jeep during wet conditions. The bad weather also led to ferry delays at Dover and Calais and several tons of scaffolding collapsed in Great Yarmouth. It is unusual for such conditions like this show so early, so make sure you are prepared and have a contingency plan in place. At Andrews Heat for Hire we are able 24/7, 365 days a year, so feel free to give us a call whenever you need us on 0800 211 611.

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Andrews Sykes Launches New High Capacity, High Performance Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

Andrews Sykes HPAC90 High Performance Air Conditioner

The HPAC90 is our largest and highest capacity mobile Air Conditioning unit, with a nominal cooling and heating capacity (via Heat Pump function) of 90kW. One of the major benefits of the unit is that it only requires connection to a suitable power supply and temporary ducting and is operational within minutes requiring no intervention or attention

It is ideally suited to cooling large volume spaces such as exhibitions, film sets, marquees, outside broadcast locations as well as more ‘industrial/commercial’ settings such as storage facilities and manufacturing/assembly areas. It is also ideal for heating or cooling event space in temporary structures

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Pakistan government turns off air conditioning and introduces sock ban

As blackouts continue to plague Pakistan, the government has turned off all air conditioning units at public offices, according to a report in the Guardian today. Despite temperatures of over 40C, the sanction was necessary to conserve power. Instead, the government has issued a new dress code for civil servants which states that moccasins and sandals must be worn without socks.
Pakistan has experienced energy shortages for many years but so chronic is the current situation, that some areas of the country are enduring blackouts of up to 20 hours per day.

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Supporting Facilities Managers through the BIFM

Andrews Sykes Receives Gold Member BIFM Status

We’re delighted to advise that we have committed to supporting BIFM, the renowned organisation representing the collective voice of Facilities Managers everywhere

These are challenging times for FMs; keeping work-space pristine, supportive and relevant whilst driving out costs is an increasingly difficult task. Andrews Sykes is committed to being an active and supportive partner to the BIFM and its membership and this is the first step in that journey

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Climate Contingency Services to the Rescue

CCS Saves The Day

When a major cable TV and communications company suffered a chiller breakdown in a business-critical IT and communications room, temperatures soared. Fortunately a climate contingency plan was in place and a CCS business continuity team was deployed. Five portable air conditioning units with remote condensers were delivered and installed within two hours, averting costly downtime and ensuring customer satisfaction was maintained. ” We received notification that our existing cooling system was failing, a CCS technician had visited site 3 months prior and we had signed an agreement to cover said emergency, we contacted CCS at 3.00 am in the morning and within 2 hours the temporary cooling equipment was installed and operational. The potential cost to the business in failure of cooling equipment for our data room would have been hundreds of thousands of pounds”  Phillip Radburn (Head of IT)

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