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Sykes assist local authority with sewer repair

Sykes Pumps were recently drafted in to provide a short-term pumping equipment to help overcome a burst combined sewer in Beckton, east London. It was therefore imperative that a swift pump hire solution was commissioned as soon as possible to over-pump the waste water back into the sewer system.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pump arrangement for their application. It was decided that an XFP301M 12” submersible pump – run on a 160kVA generator – would be the best solution to cope with sustained sewage flows.

Our experts delivered and installed the rental units within a matter of hours, quickly restoring the functionality of the entire system. Our pump was connected to the customer’s sewer system and ensured the sewer remained functional while work was carried out.

Our quick response and expertise ensured our client’s expectations were exceeded and ensured repairs could take place without causing disruption to nearby businesses.

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Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating solution for Kent contractor

A building contractor company based on the Kent coast, recently battled cold damp weather while working on a new building project in the area. This caused difficulties during the dying process and was preventing paint form drying and flooring being laid.

The client in question specialises in the nursing and associated care sectors. This particular project focuses on building a care home in Hampshire, which was famously a fishing village many centuries ago. The development is on such a scale that it could potentially impact on the people living nearby, rendering it critical that each phase was correctly overseen.

The contractor quickly contacted Andrews Heat for Hire to assist with their issues and to make sure no delays or other inconveniences could occur. Our specialist surveyed the building within 24 hours and decided to provide a single Aurora FH111 dual voltage indirect fired oil unit, which they felt would be more than adequate due to its huge operating capacities.

The unit is a robustly constructed economical heater with a nominal heating duty of 110kW, making it ideal for a project of this magnitude. As one of our most resourceful heaters, it is specially designed for use on building sites and similar applications.

The heater was sited between the two care home premises, with a slip ducting allowing us to feed large volumes of warm air into both buildings.

Our equipment proved successful in supplying heat for two separate areas and accelerating the drying process, which was critical to the project’s completion. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has hinted that they’ll turn to us again with further scheduled projects imminently.

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Sykes supply exclusive fishing lake with pump hire arrangement

At Sykes Pumps, we routinely provide temporary hire solutions to fishing lakes, rivers and other natural watercourses while adhering to the strict environmental legislation in place. Sykes’ widely experienced engineers have worked on aeration projects, dredging schemes and silt removal applications on countless occasions, which is why our services are so sought after within the sector.

Our ability to provide 24/7 service and out-of-hours assistance are two of many reasons why fisheries around the UK make us their first port of call when problems arise.

It was this confidence that prompted the proprietors of a popular fishing lake in Kent to contact us after their pumps on site failed unexpectedly. They sought a suitable replacement to supersede their faulty units to allow normal day-to-day activity to continue at one of the country’s most exclusive fisheries.

A technical expert visited the lake to familiarise themselves with the application before recommending the most appropriate unit from our expansive pump hire fleet. Two specialist submersible pumps were proposed and delivered promptly to ensure the potential for unwanted downtime was averted.

Club member Lee Jackson, who is arguably one of the UK’s most famous carp anglers and winner of the 2017 World Carp Classic in France, was full of praise for Sykes Pumps after the installation was carried out.

He said: “I’m very happy with the swift response of Sykes Pumps and the equipment they provided despite the short notice. When the lakes’ own pumps broke down out of the blue, we were desperate to find a reliable supplier that we could trust.

“The two replacement pumps were up and running in no time and played a vital role in restoring normal service for the lake and its members.”

We pride ourselves on being able to help clients on any scale, at any time, and at any location, and have an aptitude for doing so with minimal fuss. If you have an upcoming requirement or need additional information on how we can assist you, call us today on 0800 211 611. read more

Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating for motorway service

When a motorway service was carrying out renovation works on a motorway service facility, Andrews Heat for Hire was drafted in to provide heat to maintain a high temperature and avoid droughts.

Our specialists visited the site to determine the best solution for the application. They decided to place an ID65 Indirect fired oil heater, which provides a nominal heating duty of 65kW.

The equipment was placed in the car park, which was within a 40m distant of the area in which heating was required. A 1000 litre fuel tank was also supplied to ensure the unit could operate without interruption for extended periods of time.

Lengths of ducting entered the building via an 18″ diameter hole at the services’ entrance, allowing the full heat load capacity to penetrate the area as desired by the customer.

This temporary heater hire arrangement was delivered and commissioned less than 24 hours after enquiry was received. We also provided fuel for the project at the request of the customer, with an out-of-hours delivery arranged during the Christmas period.

An engineer later visited site to ensure everything was working as intended, with the customer indicating that they were very happy with the kit and service provided. The client also made us aware of how impressed they were that we surveyed the application beforehand and proposed a practical solution off the back of that.

Andrews made such a good impression with the contractor that they later asked us to spec and quote a separate boiler hire, which has since gone ahead.

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Emergency drying for history museum in the South of London

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a popular museum in South London, after the institution required a temporary drying arrangement for a historic paper storage area.

The building in question is ‘Passivhaus’ which means it is built to be environmentally friendly, hence why this particular structure does not have any fixed plant systems. Due to the building being relatively new, the issue had never occurred before and therefore the consequences of high ambient moisture had not been properly prepared for.

After visiting the site, our experts decided to install four DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers with a distribution board and condensate pumps. This type of unit represents a more economical alternative to desiccant dryers and although it does not require a lot of attention while in operation, is capable of drying large applications such as museums.

We also provided a DE65 portable electric heater to operate alongside the hired dehumidification equipment, which was useful in aiding the drying process by increasing temperatures inside.

The internal condensate pumps were used to pump moisture collected from the units to an outside source via 30m condensate hoses. This addressed all issues caused by the high moisture content and allowed a prominent museum to continue business as usual.

The equipment is currently providing drying to the storage area, which will keep the moisture levels low enough to prevent any artefacts from being damaged.

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Cold weather makes it harder to get out of bed, study finds

A recent survey conducted by Andrews Heat for Hire has revealed that the average Briton spends an additional 24 hours in bed throughout the cold season.

People’s reluctance to confront the early morning cold causes them to hit the snooze button and delays the inevitability of actually getting out of bed, according to the findings.

Of those asked, 38 per cent of employed respondents said they were more likely to be late for work during winter because they found it harder to get up in the morning.

Statistics reveal that an ordinary person will be late for work seven times as a direct result of oversleeping, with 20% of those asked admitting that they’ve feigned illness to have a duvet day.

One in two Brits find it harder to get themselves out of bed in winter more than any other time of year, and a third think they are more likely to hit the snooze button when the mornings are dark and cold.

Following the revelations, an Andrews spokesman concluded: “Darker, colder mornings can make waking up in winter months more challenging than any other time of the year.

“And while an additional quarter of an hour snoozing each day doesn’t seem like a big sacrifice, over the course of the winter we lose an entire day to those few extra minutes in bed.”

Breaking it down further, it transpires that the Scottish are the quickest to get up when the weather’s bleak – possibly due to the fact that most residents are used to a slightly worse climate than some of the UK’s more southerly regions.

On average, the Scots spend an extra 14 minutes in bed when it’s cold outside. We found that those in Yorkshire are least likely to be quick risers, taking 17 additional minutes to rise.

One in two British citizens concede that they find it more difficult to get themselves out of bed in winter compared with any other time of the year, with a third admitting they are more likely to hit the snooze button when the mornings are dark and cold.

More than two in three of those asked say the lure of staying under the duvet is too tempting to turn down when it’s chilly outside.

It may seem slightly trivial but the link between bitter weather conditions and tardiness is plain for all to see.

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Hired drying arrangement assists school renovation development

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently approached by a construction company after it took over the renovation of an academy school in West Sussex. With work in the latter stages, a hired drying solution was required.

Cold November temperatures in the region meant that it would take far longer than the time available for plaster and flooring to dry inside the new building. The contractor responsible for the project contacted Andrews Heat for Hire before one of our local experts visited the premises.

After carrying out a free site survey of the building and discussing the best solution with the customer, our engineer proposed the installation of an Aurora FH2000 alongside four ASF50 fans. The heating unit was capable of supplying up to 200kW of warm, dry air with the fans deployed simultaneously to maximise air movement.

The FH2000 was situated inside the school’s forecourt with lengths of ducting used to help distribute hot air inside separate entrances. Once operational, the hired drying arrangement worked quickly and effectively to dry cement and wall surfaces.

As a result, our client was extremely complimentary of the set-up and knowledge of our technician before confirming they would be contacting us for similar projects in the near future.

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Christmas Dinner brought to you by Andrews Sykes!

With the 25th December now nearly upon us, households nationwide are preparing themselves for Christmas festivities which will in many cases include having lots to eat and drink! Supermarkets this week will be packed with last-minute shoppers desperate to snap up seasonal bargains, but for us at Andrews Sykes, there has been a slightly different type of pressure to contend with.

In the weeks preceding Christmas Day, we have been extremely busy helping to ensure that British retailers receive sufficient quantities of the ingredients needed for a traditional Christmas dinner. As you might expect, the demand for turkeys and vegetables swells around this time of year which in turn leads to a sharp upsurge in the need for appropriate storage space.

This increased seasonal requirement has seen Andrews Sykes undertake a number of significant projects as a direct result. A large farm in the Worcester area sought a number of our indirect heaters in order to keep thousands of turkeys healthy ahead of their distribution to wholesalers. Similarly, our dehumidifiers have been on hire across the country to enhance potato shelf-life while a combination of drying equipment and heating units have also kept Brussels sprouts in perfect condition once harvested.

Safeguarding the supply of perishable food keeps cost prices affordable and ensures demand can be accommodated even during peak periods. You could say that our tireless work and 24-hour service has played its part in providing Christmas dinners to millions of people across the UK! read more

Keep your ice rink functional with Andrews Chillers

The unexpectedly high temperatures this winter have had direct implications for a number of businesses across the country and prompted experts to predict that Christmas 2018 could be one of the warmest since records began. Temperatures across London have frequently flirted with the mid-teens, with the national press have this week reporting the closure of several ice rinks nationwide as ineffective chillers struggle to keep conditions safe enough for skating.

The installation of undersized equipment at some locations has proved futile in preventing the ice melting, leaving dangerous surface water in its place. While some arenas have sourced alternative units and remained open to the public, others have been forced to close permanently for financial reasons.

Despite the unusual climate, Andrews Chillers are delighted to report that all units provided to our clients are working perfectly. By analysing the specific requirements of our customers on a case-by-case basis, we ensure the correct cooling capacity is delivered and implemented at the first time of asking.

By understanding the straining demands of creating a temporary ice rink, our experienced engineers are able to create tailored chiller hire packages that even include pipework, fluid pumps and buffer tanks. For more information on how we can help you, or further details on any other aspect of our service, call us today on 0800 211 611. read more