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Scottish councils prepare for predicted harsh winter

Britain is set to feel the effects of an icy Arctic blast this weekend, with snow and sub-zero temperatures expected to hit Scotland particularly hard. Parts of the country have already encountered snowfall this month, and a sharp drop in temperature over the next 24 hours increases the likelihood of Inverness, Aberdeen and other northern territories suffering the same fate. Interestingly, bookmakers make Aberdeen the most likely UK city to see a white Christmas in 2017 [...]

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Temporary heating required for major construction scheme

When a major construction company in Guildford required a temporary heating solution for a building project, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site. A reliable and constant supply of heating was needed during the absence of a fixed system, to ensure all works could be completed and ensure the warehouse could be opened for use as soon as possible. An Andrews engineer conducted a survey of the [...]

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Andrews launch largest boiler hire unit yet

In major projects where large capacities of hot water are required on one site, it has generally led to a number of boilers being required to ensure demand is met. Andrews Boilers have identified this issue and we are now delighted to add our newest and largest unit to an already comprehensive hire fleet. The 1,500kW LPHW boiler is a special low-emission hot water boiler that features 3-stage low NOx (Nitrous Oxide) burner technology to maximise [...]

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Andrews Boilers provide tailored heating hire solution for medicine society

By understanding the implications of heating failure and the implications it might have on a corporate event, Andrews Boilers are determined to move quickly and restore this vital provision to ensure the reputation of our customer is never tarnished. So when one of the country’s senior medical education bodies suffered a complete breakdown in the build-up to their biggest event, Andrews Boilers were called in at short notice and asked to provide a suitable boiler hire [...]

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UK faced with weather warnings as temperatures plummet to -5C

After a fairly mild start to winter, the UK is now expected to be hit by crippling conditions and widespread snowfall – with experts predicting weeks of chaos. Temperatures have already fallen below freezing across many parts of the country, prompting the Met Office to release a yellow ice warning for a number of northern cities. Piercing Scandinavian winds have brought successive shivering nights following the turn of the year, triggering an extreme temperature drop that [...]

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Emergency boiler keeps historic hotel in business

When one of the most historic hotels in Hertfordshire was at risk of temporarily closing its doors due to a major refurbishment project, Andrews Boilers were urgently called in to offer their expert advice. The hotel in question is wholly committed to ensuring their guests are provided with the highest standard of service – failure to provide this can tarnish a visitor’s experience and in turn and the hotel’s long-standing reputation. So when our client’s boiler [...]

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Andrews Boilers keep healthcare residential unit functional during refurbishment project

The largest healthcare service in England had plans of undergoing an extensive extension and refurbishment project. However, before this could take place, a temporary boiler was required to provide the residential unit with constant heating while the boiler house underwent a re-fit. Following an urgent call out, an Andrews engineer visited the location and recommended a 250kW boiler hire unit complete with temporary pipe work. Logistical problems and a lack of space on the active site [...]

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Andrews provides boiler solution for West Yorkshire’s largest teaching hospital

One of West Yorkshire’s largest teaching hospitals had plans of building a three-storey building extension in order to accommodate new paediatric and geriatric units. Two well-known construction companies were subsequently drafted in to complete the project. The Bradford Royal Infirmary is among the top ten ranking teaching hospitals and at the forefront of research and education in healthcare. As such, a large number of individuals were relying on the swift conclusion of a multi-million-pound development. Our [...]

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Andrews Boilers enable students to occupy Scottish university campus

When a college in Kilmarnock required a temporary boiler on site to keep students warm during the construction of a new build, Andrews Boilers was urgently called in to provide a temporary substitute. After a site visit had been conducted, our recommendation was to supply the client with a 500kW boiler hire unit along with a 2000 litre fuel tank, enabling extensive periods of operation once the equipment had been set up on site.  Ongoing works [...]

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Andrews provide replacement boiler following breakdown

In an attempt to accommodate ever-increasing demand for affordable housing in East London, several local authorities ordered the construction of extra properties in its surrounding areas. However, problems arose when the newly-built houses were added to a district heating system that was already operating close to capacity. The circuit had been overexerted for several months and as a consequence, three separate 100kW modules broke down under the strain. It was therefore imperative that these were taken [...]

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