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How does humidification work?

It is widely advised that relative humidity (RH) in the workplace, or indeed most environments, should be maintained between 40-60%. The need to keep indoor air at an optimal moisture level is now globally accepted, with extensive health implications of overtly dry air.

We have put together a short video (below) that details the importance of controlling humidity and the issues that arise from failing to do so. Ranging from sore throats and eye irritations to dermatitis and respiratory conditions, the effects of inadequate humidity monitoring can leave people under your direct care exposed to avoidable ailments.

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FM company seeks urgent air conditioning hire on behalf of telecoms giant

In the facilities management industry, reputation is everything. Any organisation that entrusts an FM service provider with the upkeep, maintenance and security of their buildings expects any arising issues to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For many years, Andrews Sykes has worked alongside the country’s largest facilities managers and delivered a wide array of tailored HVAC solutions to a multitude of applications. Our reputation within this sector is impeccable and underpinned by a demonstrable understanding of the way it operates and the importance of swift, decisive action.

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Andrews delivers heating solution to unconventional production control room

Our experience of working alongside TV companies is extensive and has seen us provide specialist equipment to assist the filming of some of the world’s most popular films and shows. During that time, there is very little we haven’t seen. From creating artificial waterfalls for a specific scene to delivering a quiet high capacity air conditioning system designed to cool an entire TV studio, our track record for implementing solutions speaks for itself.

The aptitude of Andrews Sykes’ engineers is well-known in the industry, which is why a private media company responsible for the production of one of the UK’s best-loved series felt confident about trusting us with a requirement they had.

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Happy customer comes back for more with another heating requirement

There is no greater indication of client satisfaction than repeat business, which is something we can definitively pinpoint as being a fundamental reason behind Andrews Sykes’ success and longevity.

The importance of recurring custom is obvious and has been exemplified once again by a recent instance in which a temporary heater hire paved the way for two more projects that we were subsequently asked to take the lead on.

Following the success of a screed drying job at a site along the South Coast, we were approached by the same company and asked to provide another solution for an application at a different location – this time near Didcot.

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Residential development kept on track thanks to Andrews Heat for Hire

When the construction company responsible for building two new blocks of flats in North London became concerned about adverse weather and low temperatures slowing the project, they turned to us. Their primary concern was that internal trades including timber joinery and the laying of flooring would fall behind schedule and cause delays to the entire development.

By keeping timber at a stable and warm temperature, the heating process breaks down hemicellulose which prevents the wood containing the nutrients required to allow rot and the growth of fungi. Despite being a seemingly small measure, taking such a precaution will dramatically extend the quality and lifespan of the timber.

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Essential cooling replacement safeguards prominent medical trust

Andrews Sykes’ engineers are rightly revered for their ability to oversee complicated largescale projects, but It is just as important that we get the smaller jobs right to ensure the company’s excellent reputation is upheld.

Last month, the estates manager for a large ambulance service contacted us and requested that we provide some temporary air conditioning units following a reduction in performance of their existing system. A continuous supply of air conditioning was required as it was responsible for keeping temperatures low inside a secure communications room.

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A guide to air quality control in the education sector

A growing concern about the effects of indoor air pollution has prompted many educational organisations to go further than ever before in order to combat it. Ineffective ventilation systems, the fumes of nearby vehicles and a modern tendency for newly constructed buildings to be tightly sealed all have an impact on indoor air quality, which can be particularly obstructive in a learning environment. An inadequate response to air quality problems can lead to severe consequences, with short-term implications for people under your care including coughs, headaches and allergic reactions.

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Andrews upstages the competition to deliver reliable long-term boiler solution

Last year, a highly regarded independent engineering company got in touch with us following repeated issues with ineffectual boiler units supplied by a third party. Our client was responsible for managing the facilities at a North East prison, but constant breakdowns were not only causing disruption but also harming their chances of retaining a lucrative contract when it next went to tender.

Because of this, the customer sought alternative units and turned to us knowing that quick response times and reliable equipment comes as standard.

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Pump hire tackles crippling floods to preserve busy train timetable

The infrastructural impact of heavy weather on railway services can never be underestimated, with strong winds and flood water particularly disruptive. High volumes of rainfall can wash away ballast – the bed of stones that supports wooden sleepers – and potentially render the line unsafe until it has been re-laid.

Additionally, signalling points and other vital hardware rely on intricate wiring and power supplies to function effectively, and these become extremely vulnerable to failure when water levels become excessive. Flooding can even lead live conductor rails to short circuit, with obvious implications for both the service provider and would-be passengers.

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Construction company hires pumps to aid road repair in Somerset

The sustained period of heavy weather attributed to Storm Darcy has caused disruption across the country, with people in some areas even warned not to travel. Although the South West has not been affected as badly as some northern regions and Scotland, extensive rainfall has led to the water levels in rivers and streams rising above what is considered a safe level.

Because of this, there was an issue near the coastal town of Minehead where a river running parallel to a main road had risen so high that it was actually causing sections of the road to wash away. As a result, the road was no longer deemed safe for vehicle users and had to be shut to enable rapid emergency repairs to be carried out.

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