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Air conditioners with advanced HEPA filtration now available for hire

We are delighted to offer our customers a range of HEPA filters for use on our popular split type air conditioning units.

Following high levels of demand and a surge in enquiries in recent weeks, we are pleased to be in a position to supply clients with HEPA filter adaptions for our PAC 22 Series 2 and PAC 60 models.

This simple modification sees a HEPA filter fixed to the front of an air conditioning unit, ensuring cleaner and safer airflows while greatly reducing the likelihood of airborne diseases being transmitted between people.

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Emergency air conditioning hire helps keep vital medical staff cool

The impact of COVID-19 has necessitated that staff working in hospitals wear personal protective equipment (PPE), with direct consequences for nurses, doctors, therapists, technicians and anyone else carrying out their daily duties on site. While this precaution has been effective in reducing the transmission of infectious agents between people, it has put medical staff at greater risk of suffering heat stress and general discomfort.

For this reason, Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by the estates team of a prominent hospital in Gloucestershire. Our client explained that the mandatory use of PPE had greatly affected many of their employees and as such they were looking to create specific areas on each ward that would allow overheating staff to take quick ‘cooling breaks’.

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Beat the heat with our air conditioning special offer!

With summer now almost upon us, why not let us help you prepare for the expected surge in seasonal temperatures?

We’re offering our customers a fantastic discount on our popular Polar Breeze and ET9 air conditioning units, which can now be hired for as little as £6 per day*!

This promotion is available to both new and existing customers, so move quickly to secure your equipment while stocks last. We anticipate high levels of demand and as such will be operating on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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Air conditioning hire assists vital autopsy examinations

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Andrews Air Conditioning was approached by the estates team of a well-known South London Hospital during a Sunday lunchtime. Our client was looking for an emergency cooling solution to be installed within their post-mortem examination room. A rise in ambient temperatures, combined with the introduction of new guidelines obligating the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), had created an extremely warm environment for the pathologists and technicians working inside.

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Air conditioning hire cools London hospital

When the estates team for a well-known South London hospital enquired about hiring a large number of temporary air conditioning units, our regional expert was on hand to advise. The client was looking to cool specific areas of the hospital building, with a particular focus on reducing temperatures inside a maternity ward and some of the individual rooms on the same floor.

It was crucial that we provided suitable equipment for the application without exceeding a very strict expenditure budget that was outlined to us at the point of contact. With this in mind, it was recommended that the customer hire 25 of our Polar Breeze portable air conditioning units. This solution would deliver a combined cooling capacity of approximately 65kW and ensure temperatures were maintained at a desirable level inside the identified locations.

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Portable air conditioner helps Swiss chef produce chocolate for medical staff

With lockdown restrictions in place across much of Europe while the continent attempts to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, one man in Switzerland focused his energy on spreading some kindness within his community.

Samuel Müller – a pastry chef from Neuchâtel – used his culinary skills to help bring joy to others after finding himself temporarily unemployed due to the closure of the restaurant he works at. A desire to do something positive in the face of adversity prompted Samuel to manufacture large quantities of homemade chocolate with the intention of delivering the goods to people working at local hospitals.

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Emergency air conditioning hire secures BT’s Reigate data centre

During the hottest weekend of 2019, BT encountered some difficulties with the cooling of their data centre in Reigate, Surrey. The customer’s existing air conditioning system had failed unexpectedly and left critical servers in potential jeopardy, with internal temperatures estimated to have reached between 50⁰C and 60⁰C in the absence of climate control equipment.

An emergency replacement hire was subsequently required immediately, prompting Andrews to arrange the out-of-hours delivery of a 100kW chiller a short time after being contacted. The chiller was located outside the application and connected to an air handler deployed within the data centre itself, enabling large volumes of cold air to be circulated inside.

This short-term air conditioning rental helped restore an essential source of cooling, protecting vital telecommunications and storage systems from being damaged or lost.

Keen to avoid a similar situation developing elsewhere, BT requested that we provide their sites at St. Alban’s, Rochdale and Derby with precautionary chiller arrangements. Although not actually used, the equipment was installed at each data centre as a precautionary measure ready to be commissioned if a breakdown occurred.

These chiller hire solutions demonstrated our nationwide coverage and ability to tailor cooling configurations on a case-by-case basis. Our expert engineers remain committed to satisfying the needs of BT going forward, having worked alongside them on multiple projects spanning many years. read more

Air conditioning hire safeguards BT exchanges at Old Street site

Andrews Air Conditioning was approached by BT after fears that a major telephone exchange was a risk of overheating. It was reported by the customer that their existing cooling system struggles to perform at full capacity once ambient temperatures exceed 28⁰C. They were looking to preserve telecommunications services from their site located at Old Street, which acts as a focal point for BT’s exchanges serving London.

With seasonal temperatures surpassing 30⁰C at the height of summer, BT requested a reliable temporary air conditioning hire to safeguard their network and protect exchange racks operated on behalf of other telecoms providers.

The potential for cooling requirements further afield prompted us to provide BT with approximately 20 PAC 22 split-type air conditioners, which were stationed at their London base. While a number of the units were needed to cool exchanges on site, BT’s Old Street exchange building was used as a centralised hub which allowed units to be retained until they were needed at their other premises around the country.

This arrangement ensured that a suitable air conditioning system could quickly be made available elsewhere should there be a requirement, with the units effectively stored until such time. The customer’s priority was to keep circuits, digital systems and switchboards online and uninterrupted to ensure all telecommunication services were upheld – and this was achieved without any issue. read more

Andrews Sykes continue French expansion

It is with great delight that we announce the opening of a new depot in Toulouse as part of the company’s continued growth in France. The news is symptomatic of our progress in the country and comes just a few months after the opening of our Marseille depot.

We have taken ownership of the new property, which will be fully operational and open for business by January 2020.

The Toulouse depot is our fifth in France and gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop business relationships with companies across the south-west.

Seen as the world’s capital of aeronautics, Toulouse is currently the focus of a number of significant industrial projects and is the country’s fourth most populated city. It is also the home of ‘Aerospace Valley’ – a cluster of aerospace engineering and research companies including Airbus and Dassault Aviation.

Toulouse has a very strong agricultural industry, with the popular Roquefort cheese one of many dairy products that are produced nearby.

At present, Toulouse is also the best performing city in France in terms of GDP, with an economic growth of 2.9%.

Now is therefore the perfect time to expand our presence in France and improve our coverage in the south-west region, including major nearby cities Montpellier and Bordeaux. The latter is home to the Lacq gas field – a natural environment that spans 160 square kilometres and produces 1 billion cubic feet of gas every single day.

We are currently in the process of recruiting sales and technical staff to support the day-to-day running of our new depot.

As with all Andrews Sykes premises, our Toulouse base will stock a full range of HVAC equipment for hire including boilers, heaters, dehumidification units, chillers, ventilation fans and air conditioners.

Thomas Vigor, Director of Business Development Europe for Andrews Sykes, said: “This depot gives us a brilliant opportunity to offer a better level of service across this part of the country. This strategic decision reinforces our leading position on the French market and allows us to reduce response times for our Occitan customers.”

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Andrews Air Conditioning make pilot graduation ceremony a flying success

The management team at a well-known Winchester hotel sought the expertise of Andrews Air Conditioning ahead of a pilot graduation event that was scheduled there. The ceremony was due to take place in a large marquee situated within the grounds of the hotel, but fluctuating weather conditions made it very difficult for organisers to gauge what temperature to expect on the day.

As such, precautions needed to be taken to ensure the marquee was comfortable regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature.

Our experts visited the hotel to carry out a site survey which led us towards the best solution for the application. As a result, we decided to install a single HPAC90 hired air conditioner. This high capacity unit can provide both cooling and heating depending on the weather, therefore covering the client in any eventuality.

The customer’s main concern was finding an adequate power source and concealing the unit from attendees and visitors. Our specialists suggested using a 150kVA generator instead of power available on site as there were concerns that this might interfere with the sound engineers working during the event.

Our team carried out a second site visit and follow-up meeting with the companies arranging the event to ensure our unit was operating as expected. One of our sales managers also attended the dress rehearsal to make sure the customer was happy with the temperature control.

As was the case with the practice event, the actual ceremony also passed off without incident and prompted the customer to conclude that everything had run smoothly. Warm temperatures on the day of the main event meant that air conditioning functionality was required, with our main air conditioning rental providing extremely successful in overcoming what was effectively an unknown requirement.

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