Andrews Air Conditioning

A great end to a busy summer

What a way to wrap up a hectic summer at Andrews Sykes! Over a period of three days, our dedicated engineers and driving team delivered 200 Polar Wind portable air conditioning units to the Marriott Hotel in Central London.

The main cooling system in the hotel had stopped working earlier in the week, resulting in a flood of orders from the hotel: 50 units on Tuesday, another 50 on Wednesday, and 100 more on Thursday. Our team rallied to fulfil the entire 200 unit order before the weekend, ensuring the hotel could continue hosting guests in comfort.

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Andrews Sykes goes the extra mile for prestigious motorsport event

Despite the last-minute request, our team sprang into action. We swiftly coordinated logistics to satisfy the client’s pressing needs and meet the tight deadline. Our expertise in emergency equipment hire enabled us to fulfil the client’s urgent requirements and ensure their landmark event’s success.

The celebration was a resounding triumph for everyone connected to Goodwood, with the client emailing sincere thanks for our prompt delivery and citing the efforts of our team to ensure preparations went exactly as had been imagined.

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Keeping an electric car showroom cool with temporary air conditioning

When a leading supplier of Uber’s electric vehicles in London needed cooling for their new showroom, traditional HVAC solutions like ducted or split air conditioning systems weren’t feasible. The constant coming and going of visitors and vehicles meant major construction wasn’t practical on the showroom floor. Our temporary air conditioning solutions provided the ideal fix.

After being approached about their unique cooling needs, we promptly responded with an on-site survey and same-day quote outlining our proposed solutions. Knowing the limitations of the space, we suggested using two high-powered Cyclones evaporative coolers along with two portable Polar Winds air conditioning units to deliver targeted, efficient spot cooling.

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Andrews comes up with golden ticket for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage show

A few weeks ago, the team at Andrews Sykes once again demonstrated our ability to provide exceptional service when faced with a critical situation during the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatre show.

On a Sunday evening, we received an urgent call from the stage manager, who was concerned about rising temperature levels backstage posing a potential risk to the children performing. The weekend prior, the show had to cancel two performances due to the scorching heat on the stage. It was evident that immediate action was needed to ensure the show could go on. And thanks to us, it did!

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Helping event organisers ensure the party doesn’t stop!

A renowned British holiday park in Kent faced a major challenge while preparing for its 25th annual event – inadequate ventilation in the dance hall with a heatwave thought to be approaching. To combat this, the event organisers turned to Andrews Sykes for a suitable air conditioning hire solution.

Our team conducted two site visits well in advance to plan and execute the perfect cooling strategy. Early engagement allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the venue’s needs, ensuring a successful installation. A follow-up visit one week before the event helped to finalise enabling works and equipment setup, addressing any concerns promptly.

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Destination cool: taking peoples’ comfort to new altitudes!

Enquiring about a cooling solution can be a daunting task, especially for first-timers. But at Andrews Sykes, we are dedicated to making the process smooth and anxiety-free. As part of our comprehensive service, we assign a personal and talented sales engineer to each customer, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Recently, we were entrusted with supplying temporary cooling to various parts of an airport’s departure lounges and waiting areas, ensuring optimal comfort for passengers before boarding their flights. Our journey began with a collaborative effort, conducting a comprehensive site survey alongside the operations and site teams.

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Our popular air conditioning range just got even better!

We are delighted to unveil the newest addition to our expanding fleet – the enhanced HPAC 30! At Andrews, we prioritise offering our customers a diverse range of options and are pleased to have introduced this product following a successful trial in Europe.

Our newest HPAC 30 incorporates heat pump technology, making it the ultimate multi-purpose solution. By delivering both cooling and heating functionality, this unit negates the need for clients to enter into two separate contracts when seasonal requirements inevitably change.

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Fashionably fresh: High-end shopping a breeze thanks to our evaporative coolers

Our exceptional service is delivered every day of the week – including outside of normal working hours! This weekend, our team delivered a number of Cyclone DX evaporative coolers to an exclusive retail store in Covent Garden. Even on a busy Saturday evening, our commitment to customer satisfaction was demonstrated as our temporary units were delivered to their destination right on cue!

The Cyclone DX, a fully portable evaporative cooler, is designed to generate a constant flow of refreshing, crisp air via the evaporation of water or ice. Bringing comfort to any environment, these units are perfect for retail stores, where they are commonly used.

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Track record! Swift AC delivery keeps patrons cool at greyhound stadium

In the scorching heat of summer, finding ways to stay cool becomes a top priority for both humans and their furry friends. Recently, our company was called to a popular greyhound racing track in London, with a temporary climate control solution urgently required.

The facility’s estates team recognised the importance of keeping their customers comfortable, especially during the upcoming summer months. And after carefully assessing the application, our team recommended the installation of four Arena 15 evaporative coolers.

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June’s product of the month: Our must-have air conditioning unit this summer

Introducing the PAC 22 Portable Air Conditioner

As the scorching heat of summer (hopefully!) approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep yourself and your surroundings cool and comfortable. One reliable solution that has gained immense popularity is the PAC 22 portable air conditioner. This powerful and versatile unit has become a favourite choice in the UK and across Europe, offering exceptional cooling capabilities and a range of features that make it suitable for various applications.

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