Blog18 May 2021

Cancer screening stays on track thanks to hired cooling solution

When someone is preparing to undergo a potentially stressful examination, the least a hospital and its staff can do is help maximise patient comfort by any means possible. In some cases, this could be explaining the procedure or providing an isolated area for a greater degree of privacy. On other occasions, a little more is needed.

In the build-up to summer, Andrews Air Conditioning was approached by a teaching medical centre in Yorkshire after a very specific requirement surfaced. Three dedicated breast screening units were becoming too warm for both patients and doctors, and this was thought to be predominantly caused by mammogram machines being constantly in use.

This equipment generates a significant amount of heat, which was making it increasingly difficult to control conditions within each room. Given that crucial cancer assessments were being continuously carried out – and with a backlog of previously cancelled appointments adding further complications – there was simply no scope for any downtime whatsoever.

Our experts consulted directly with the hospital’s estates team, who gave assurances that they would manage the necessary enabling works to get some air conditioning units to site. Once this was agreed, an Andrews engineer reacted quickly to propose the best kit for the job and get it installed without interrupting an essential breast screening programme.

The solution was to deploy three PAC22 split type units – one in each room – with heat exchangers positioned outside and lines run through available openings. Although a fairly typical configuration, this air conditioning hire was seen as a necessity given that temperatures are only expected to increase as we move closer to summer.

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