Blog3 August 2023

Building trust, one day at a time: meet Steve!

Introducing Steve Lynch, our dedicated Operations Manager overseeing our four depots in Scotland – Glasgow, Grangemouth, Inverness, and Aberdeen.

Steve’s remarkable journey with Andrews Sykes spans an impressive 37 years. His commitment to excellence and attentively serving our customers have played a significant role in upholding our strong reputation in Scotland.

“Andrews Sykes has always been highly thought of by our many customers in Scotland. It’s a name that people can trust, and they do,” Steve reflected.

Asked what it was that has kept Steve at Andrews Sykes for almost four decades, he responded: “Well, first and foremost, the company must be doing something right and I must be doing something right. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be together!

“But seriously, as the organisation has adapted and grown, so too has my own career within it. We’ve experienced challenges, we’ve undergone expansion, we’ve relocated – and these changes have brought opportunities.

“Because of this, there has been no scope for any role I’ve undertaken to get stale. Instead, I’ve been quite fortunate to progress in line with the advancements we’ve made as a business in Scotland, and I’m still happy to be here after all these years!”

We are privileged to have Steve as an integral part of our team, and his wealth of experience continues to drive positive changes for Andrews Sykes north of the border. Long may that continue!