Blog7 April 2022

Building services provider requests air purification hire on behalf of client

During these times in particular, it’s fair to say that M&E contractors might consider having to upgrade a building’s entire air handling system as somewhat inconvenient! Fortunately, thanks to our extensive range of air quality solutions and appreciation of customers’ requirements, we can help ensure that the potential for upheaval is minimised.

In this instance, our client was looking for some temporary equipment to effectively supersede the role of air handling units due to be decommissioned. Their primary focus, and reason for contacting, us was to maintain a good level of air quality throughout a large office building.

An absence of natural ventilation meant that immediate action was required, with the urgency of the situation heightened by the fact that the office was expected to be at 100% occupancy by April. Our response was simple and saw us deliver a total of sixteen AP103 air purifiers – eight on each of the two floors.

Notably, one of the factors in our client agreeing to the proposal was the incredible lifespan of the unit’s filters. They implied that it was their intention to keep our equipment on hire until the end of the summer, and were impressed that they would not need to continually replace the filter sets even with the hire set to span several months.