Blog23 July 2014

British security think tank seeks temporary cooling

An independent research institution aimed at preserving British defence and security required emergency assistance when rising temperatures began to affect members of staff. The headquarters – in London – were overheating which could have had an impact on productivity levels if not attended to quickly.

Because of the building’s location, access to an outside source was limited which meant a solution had to be carefully selected. Following the initial enquiry, a member of our contact centre was able to recommend an effective system which was delivered and installed the next morning.

It was decided that three Polar Wind air conditioning units would adequately cool the entire vicinity, and these were supplemented by an ASF21 fan. This helped to create a more comfortable environment for employees as it ensured fresh air was circulated around the building.

The equipment is still on hire and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Our client is very satisfied with the way it is operating and the control centre is once again a comfortable place for people to work in.

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