Blog19 November 2014

Brewery kept operational after heat exchanger failure

Breweries and other beverage manufacturers are dependent on working boilers generating steam, because of its efficiency in carrying large quantities of heat. So when the supply is affected, or even cut off completely, an alternative is normally urgently required to ensure output targets are met as per the norm.

One of our clients in the industry was recently faced with the prospect of reduced production, following the failure of their heat exchangers. As one of the most prominent brewery groups in the world, it was imperative that we quickly installed a temporary solution to guarantee high levels of demand were satisfied.

We delivered and commissioned six 500kW packaged boilers which connected to the customer’s existing system. Four fuel tanks were also provided, along with various lengths of hose and a generator.

This hire arrangement allowed desired temperatures to be constantly maintained throughout various stages of the process. The client was very happy with our emergency response which enabled their only UK site to remain online despite a potentially crippling problem.

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