Blog6 June 2014

Just how hot is it in Brazil?

With a major international football tournament set to commence in Brazil on Thursday, European countries in particular will be preparing to tackle a number of challenging obstacles – and that’s before they enter the field of play! As stiflingly hot conditions and thousands of air miles threaten to take their toll, we at Andrews Air Conditioning are well-placed to assess the potential effects of Brazil’s tropical atmosphere.

As such, we have developed a themed interactive map which allows you to check the temperature and humidity of regions in which matches will be played. By clicking on the stadium buttons, you can compare and contrast the galling difference in climate between the northern and southern territories –and speculate on its impact!

England, for example, kick off their tournament in Manaus – the capital city of Amazonas – where temperatures currently exceed 30°C before 9am local time! By contrast, their second fixture is in Sao Paulo where conditions are much milder. It remains to be seen just how much this could influence results and the final outcome, but defending champions Spain certainly face a much tougher challenge retaining their crown this time round.