Blog6 June 2016

Bookmakers slash odds on 2016 summer breaking UK temperature records

Amidst much speculation about whether or not the British summer will live up to expectation, a number of media sources are now reporting that we are just days away from experiencing record-breaking temperatures.

Early indications suggest that thermometer readings will soon be exceeding the 30°C mark and by doing so set us up for the hottest summer in more than a century!

The highest ever logged temperature on these shores is a sizzling 38.5°C, with forecasters nationwide suggesting that this could soon be eclipsed if provisional forecast conjectures are accurate.

Exacta Weather correspondent James Madden, said: “From the start of next week we will see high pressure building across the country to bring dry weather and prolonged periods of sunshine for many.

“This will bring a surge in temperature for many, and these could approach the mid-20s at the very least in places. As this scenario develops we are likely to experience our first prolonged and widespread spell of warm to hot weather across the country, and just in time for the start of the meteorological summer.”

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