Blog30 June 2014

Beverage factory in need of Andrews Air Conditioning

Workshops are generally filled with machinery and production lines which all tend to heat up the enclosed space. When the temperature reaches unbearable levels it can be difficult for staff to remain concentrated.

An on–going client from Andrews was having trouble keeping their factory space cool. They requested various standard evaporative units but due to the size of the factory, the Andrews Air Conditioning specialist recommended the cyclone units instead. We delivered and installed four cyclone units within 4 hours of the initial call, placing them strategically to ensure maximum efficiency. These units are often used where access to the outside is difficult or impractical. They created a fresh breeze cooling effect and kept the working staff comfortable.

The client, is a new company that which incorporates two of the UK’s biggest soft drinks brands, in one, They were very pleased with the result and will continue to use Andrews Sykes in the near future.

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