Blog17 July 2020

Bespoke air conditioning hire cools hospital during summer

At the beginning of summer, Andrews Air Conditioning was contacted by an NHS Trust searching for seasonal cooling on behalf of a prominent hospital in Hampshire. Our client required a temporary air conditioning hire to be operational for approximately 12 weeks and specified that they would be unable to house any equipment within the buildings themselves, with space also very restricted at ground level.

The customer advised that their existing air handling system was perfectly functional and that, if possible, it was preferred that we provide units that were compatible with this equipment.

Given the parameters discussed and the cooling capacities needed on site, our technical expert proposed the deployment of five HPAC 45 units. With spatial constraints outlined to us during the original consultation, it was decided that our five high performance air conditioners would be positioned on the roof of the hospital building and connected to the client’s air handlers via lengths of ducting.

Additionally, we also had to consider airflows on the customer’s system and ensured that they were matched by those produced by our own unit to ensure that cooling was delivered effectively.

Each unit was lifted via crane and then lowered into a designated area that had been specifically configured to house our equipment. This air conditioning hire typifies our ability to devise solutions tailored to unique scenarios and ensured that a busy healthcare environment acquired supplementary cooling capacities exceeding 200kW.

Following the installation, our customer was quick to praise the service of our engineers and sales team who collectively acted quickly to ensure the project was completed at the earliest opportunity.

As a result, all operating theatres and various wards now have a reliable source of comfort cooling that will remain in place until at least the autumn.

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