Blog9 June 2016

Bangladeshi inventors use simple trick to reduce temperature

Summer temperatures in Bangladesh generally range between 30°C and 40°C, making it one of the warmest countries in the northern hemisphere. And due to the unpredictable climate which has frequently resulted in disastrous flooding, the vast majority of people have built their houses out of tin, rather than mud.

While this measure ensures that residential structures are more able to withstand the effects of torrential downpours, they are however extremely badly equipped for dealing with the unbearable heat.

But creative locals have finally come up with a way of combatting the hot weather – by recycling plastic bottles! Dubbed the “Eco-Cooler”, the original inventor simply cut a series of plastic bottles in half before mounting them on to a flat frame. The board is then placed over an available window, with the bottle necks facing towards the property’s interior.

It has been observed that a simple change in pressure occurs when air enters the wider part of the bottles, before exiting through the tighter, opposite end. Finalised just before seasonal conditions reached their 2016 peak, the Eco-Cooler’s straightforward design is apparently capable of reducing temperatures by 5°C immediately – and the change is noticeable!

The components of this device are extremely easy for inhabitants to source, while the absence of an electricity supply makes it an extremely cost-efficient alternative to conventional systems.

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