Blog22 June 2016

At Last! UK set for hot weather on EU referendum day

Thursday the 23rd of June 2016 has been earmarked by experts as a potential turning point for UK citizens – and not just from a political perspective! At last, forecasters are suggesting that Britons can finally start getting excited about the prospect of sunshine and hot weather, with 30°C highs predicted over the coming days.

After weeks of thundery downpours and grey skies, it seems summer is finally about to get underway according to Met Office officials.

Meteorologist Mark Wilson said: “We have [had] some heavy showers on Sunday night and Monday night before things start to improve.

“Towards Thursday, warm tropical continental air will push up from Spain and France and with temperatures in the south reaching the mid to high 20s.”

The change in weather has been attributed to a jet stream which has picked up speed directing rain away from these shores. Climatic improvements will therefore also have direct implications for festivalgoers – particularly those at Glastonbury this week!

Peter Sloss, BBC weather forecaster, explains: “Thursday will be the warmest day before dropping a little on Friday and the weekend. The key thing is not necessarily the temperature but the increase in humidity, which will be most noticeable. A very humid 26°C will feel much more uncomfortable than a low humidity 30°C.”

Seasonal conditions have so far been well below the average for this time of year, but there is now a sincere hope among the populace that sunshine and blue skies are finally imminent!

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