Blog8 September 2015

Andrews Ventilation unveil latest edition of ventilation fans

At Andrews Ventilation, we are constantly looking to improve and revolutionise our hire fleet in order to continue supplying customers with the best equipment available. This commitment allows us to not only bring new units to market, but also further develop our tried and tested products wherever possible. The introduction of our latest generation of ventilation fans highlights this, following dedicated investment in the FV100 fan plus the FV300 S2 and FV900 S2 models.

Capable of providing large capacities of fresh air in confined spaces as well as extracting polluted air and dangerous fumes from a variety of applications, these upgraded fans retain all the specifications favoured by customers with the added benefits of lower operational costs, greater air flows, increased air efficiency and low noise functionality.

Manufactured and designed in the UK, the FV300 S2 and FV900 S2 have close coupled motors which enable greater power efficiency leading to welcome savings via a reduction in energy usage. Each unit is made up of trusted components which facilitate safe deployment in virtually all surroundings – including power stations, refineries, workshops, factories and construction sites.

By developing close relationships with businesses and partners, we have been able to glean which features are most popular and incorporate these within our second generation fans. These include:

–          Improved air flow of up to 19,000m³ an hour

–          High pressure performance for longer duct lengths

–          Close coupled motors increasing power efficiency but lower running costs

–          Quiet operation enabling discreet deployment


Richard Galvin, UK Operations Support Director, explains: “The demand for lower running costs is always one of the major features we strive to achieve in all products we introduce.

“We are delighted to produce another bespoke product that not only complies with ever-changing industry regulations, but also guarantees the user energy-efficient performance.”

For more information on the FV fan range, or any other Andrews Ventilation products in our expansive collection, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can click here to see detailed summaries of all units including overviews of the environments which they are suitable for.