Blog18 April 2018

Andrews Sykes rescue Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

When a century-old plant collection in the Scottish capital became under threat following a boiler breakdown, Andrews Heat for Hire stepped in to ensure glasshouse temperatures were kept at the required level.

We were contacted by the client who sought an emergency heating hire solution after the boiler pipework burst, rendering their entire system useless!

Unsurprisingly, our customer was extremely concerned about the implications for the facility which contained unique species that only existed in Edinburgh.

Fortunately, Andrews have developed a nationwide reputation for our ability to supply urgent heating requirements and had previously provided equipment in similar circumstances to the Kew Gardens in London.

In this instance, we supplied ten ID65 indirect-fired oil heaters which were designed for deployment in poorly ventilated areas such as greenhouse applications.

We calculated that this number of units would be ideal for keeping temperatures between 12°C and 14°C within an environment spanning approximately 4,000 square feet.

Experts have deduced that this solution will keep every plant alive while the normal heating system is offline, much to the relief of the client.

Our swift intervention was therefore crucial in preserving tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of rare natural assets, despite everyone on site initially fearing the worst.