Blog23 February 2024

Andrews Sykes receives positive feedback across different industries!

No matter the environment, Andrews Sykes ensures all customers across all sectors are met with professionalism.


When heavy rains brought sudden flooding, we received an urgent call from a loyal customer needing emergency equipment. Despite the last-minute notice, our team immediately shifted into crisis response mode. We know that during flooding, every minute counts.


We swiftly coordinated with our engineers in the local depot location to organise flood kits that included heaters, dehumidifiers, and ventilation fans. In the meantime, our delivery driver safely raced to collect them. Our driver navigated adverse conditions to deliver the units just two hours after the initial call came in.


The customer was incredibly grateful for our efficient response during this stressful crisis and quoted, “They were reliant on our prompt delivery to minimise flood damage and prevent even worse impacts.”

Similarly, an HS2 operations manager needed a hot water boiler in Aston immediately. To ensure the nationwide project runs smoothly, we delivered within 24 hours. The customer called back to our HVAC call centre to express how happy he was with the tailored service of our sales engineers and guaranteed he “will be calling us back every time.”


Direct positive customer feedback is rare in the fast-moving industries that we serve, so when we do receive glowing praise, we want to celebrate the hard work that makes it happen. We were pleased to go above and beyond to satisfy these customers’ emergency needs during a difficult situation. And we want to help you too. Call us on 0800 211 611.