Blog8 May 2015

Andrews Sykes proud to announce industry legislation reaccreditation

As the country’s leading supplier of specialist climate control solutions, Andrews Sykes are continually looking at ways to improve the quality of service we provide. It is with great pleasure, then, that we announce recently being reaccredited with the ISO 9001 certification – once again underlining our commitment to maintaining the high standards for which we are renowned.

Generally accepted to be the world’s most distinguished quality management standard, the ISO 9001 is something we are extremely proud to have passed and this will undoubtedly help us streamline our operations going forward. Having excelled at the first audit almost twenty years ago, back in 1997, we were among the first businesses in the hire sector to be successfully accredited.

“By being a company that has ISO 9001, it means we have a systematic approach to quality management and can assure our clients that standards are consistent throughout our depot network,” says UK Operations Support Director Richard Galvin.

At Andrews Sykes, we pride ourselves on being able to meet and exceed the high standards our client base has come to expect. By taking our ecological obligations seriously – including promoting fuel efficiency, minimising pollution and controlling noise levels – we have also been able to have our ISO 14001 accreditation renewed. This achievement is crucial in terms of sustaining our reputation as being environmentally responsible and something we are delighted to have retained.

“The ISO 14001 means we are concerned about environmental matters and are doing our part to minimise harmful effects on the environment,” summarised Mr. Galvin.

“Having both of these standards externally audited is important as third party verification gives us and our customers the knowledge confidence that we are doing what we say we do.”

We have also passed stage one of a health and safety scheme closely related to the two aforementioned codes. Officially recognised as the OHSAS 18001, this British legislation exists to ascertain that organisations in our industry are functioning within the confines of sound welfare practice. Stage two is expected to be completed imminently with final visits to our premises scheduled ahead of summer, and this would then enable us to be fully sanctioned by the relevant assessors.