Blog16 June 2022

Andrews Sykes: Our People

Company culture matters. The ethos of an organisation is shaped by the people who work there, and we’re very proud of our traditions and values at Andrews Sykes.

Each member of our team plays a vital role in not only helping us deliver first-class solutions to customers, but in ensuring that we offer an inviting, vibrant and enjoyable place to work.

But why does this all matter? Well, it’s quite simple!

The service we provide can only ever be as good as the people undertaking the various processes that a hire involves. And we’ve got the best in the business!

When your emergency air conditioning replacement arrives on site less than four hours after you got in touch with us, it doesn’t just happen by accident.

The video above gives an insight into what a day at Andrews Sykes looks like, highlighting the range of contributions made by our colleagues before, during and after your hire.

We’re here, we’re ready to assist you, and what’s more, we’ll do so with smiles on our faces!