Blog8 August 2013

Andrews Sykes Launches New High Capacity, High Performance Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

Andrews Sykes HPAC90 High Performance Air Conditioner

The HPAC90 is our largest and highest capacity mobile Air Conditioning unit, with a nominal cooling and heating capacity (via Heat Pump function) of 90kW. One of the major benefits of the unit is that it only requires connection to a suitable power supply and temporary ducting and is operational within minutes requiring no intervention or attention

Huge Heat/Cooling Capacity in a Self Contained Small Footprint

It is ideally suited to cooling large volume spaces such as exhibitions, film sets, marquees, outside broadcast locations as well as more ‘industrial/commercial’ settings such as storage facilities and manufacturing/assembly areas. It is also ideal for heating or cooling event space in temporary structures

The variable fan setting allows the operator to control the volume of cooled and heated air to minimise noise levels. This is ideal for example when filming or performance requires low background noise, but still maintaining a comfortable temperature level