Blog5 March 2012

Andrews Sykes keep Bristol football grounds heated throughout freezing temperatures

The last thing a successful football team want to be worrying about mid-season is the weather, but with below freezing temperatures in Britain recently, it had become a major concern for both Bristol City FC and Bristol Rovers.

The extreme temperatures caused areas of Bristol to freeze and staff at both grounds had been working hard to thaw the pitch, but to ensure it was a success they called on Andrews Heat for Hire to help.

Supplying our premium, reliable equipment, our experts delivered and installed heaters in strategic locations creating a dome-like effect around the pitches. In addition to this, our experts also worked with the staff at Bristol football grounds,  offering our professional guidance to fight the freezing temperatures.

Ian Holtby, Bristol Rovers stadium manager, stated “Andrews Sykes did a professional job from start to finish enabling the weekend fixtures to continue for Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby” whilst Keith Draisey, Head of Operations at Bristol City FC said “We will certainly be using them again in harsh weather conditions”

Andrews Heat for Hire always provide our customers with a safe, fast and professional solution to the challenges they face.