Blog3 December 2013

Andrews Sykes finally presents the latest pioneer in heating – the ID65!

Andrews Heat for Hire, as part of the Andrews Sykes group are pleased to announce the launch of the new ID65, indirect fired portable heater. This new heater has been developed by Andrews Sykes experts, with the purpose of offering the most efficient and environmentally friendly heater within the industry. The ID65 can save the user over £50 per day in fuel costs when compared to previous models, the unit can be controlled by an remote thermostat, so it simply turns itself on and off as needed. Delivering a 65kW heating output, this unit supplies an additional 5kW of heat compared to the previous ID60 model.

The ID65 runs on diesel fuel and can operate unattended for hours on end by using one of the specially designed fuels tanks that Andrews Sykes provide. The ID65 has a powerful fan and high air capacity which means that the unit can be used on long ducting lengths of up to 24 metres.

Heat For Hire - ID65

With the unit only emitting a 66dBa noise level it can be used in a range of environments, without fear of disturbing your guests; it can easily fit through a standard 760mm doorway and its single quick release fuel line makes for an easy installation even without the need for any tools. The integral “tiger loop” also means this product is self-correcting should it run out of fuel. The innovative ID65 has IP65 rated electrics and can be used on 110v or 240v electrical supplies, therefore making it weatherproof and suitable for use externally in environments from construction sites to large events. Having pneumatic tyres provides the operator with the easiest manoeuvrability on hard and soft ground or grass.

Click here to view our short product launch video that shows the features and benefits of this new innovative heater. Otherwise please call one of our team on 0800 211 611 to discuss your requirements further.