Blog18 October 2013

Andrews Sykes Collaborates with Exciting New Drama The Tunnel!

The first episode of brand new Sky Atlantic drama The Tunnel was aired on Wednesday. Andrews Heat for Hire was on set during filming, providing the film crew with heating while shooting scenes in an old science lab. There are high hopes surrounding the series as the production company is highly acclaimed, receiving many awards for previous television series aired on Sky Atlantic and the BBC. The companies’ previous television productions received excellent reviews from The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday so high expectations are set for the beginning of The Tunnel.

Andrews Sykes provided two ID60 indirect fired oil heaters, ideal for use in areas with limited ventilation space. This heater is easily portable and quiet when in operation, meaning it did not produce any sound during filming. 30 meters of ducting was supplied to direct heat from the ID60 into the lab, ensuring no equipment was visible during the shoot. The client was so pleased with the equipment’s efficiency and our service that they immediately placed a second order for another two weeks filming on set.