Blog29 October 2014

Andrews Sykes attend “Give Youth a Chance” conference

On Thursday 16th October, several members of Andrews Sykes staff were joined by more than 160 corporate guests at the “Give Youth a Chance” launch at the Valley.

The initiative was set up to help adolescents in South East London and Kent find employment through various channels. It aims to bring private, public and charitable sectors together to tender the skills and knowledge acquired of their respective industries.

Charlton Chief Executive Katrien Meire was also present at the event and delivered a speech to attendees confirming the club’s support of the scheme.

She said: “As a club we are very pleased to support Give Youth a Chance alongside the Community Trust. I’m delighted that the Valley hosted such an event with great people believing in giving young people a chance.

“Everyone has come together and committed themselves to getting involved with the project.”

Jason Morgan – CEO of the Trust – echoed these sentiments: “I’m thrilled with the support we are getting to address youth unemployment and the significant impact it will make within our local communities.

“Our objective is to work with the public and private sectors and create career opportunities and a pathway into employment for young people.

He concluded: “Tonight was all about getting businesses to support the Charlton Community Trust and help young people.”

Following what was regarded by all as a successful evening, the Trust has targeted securing 50 businesses to work in conjunction with the programme. Ultimately, they hope to raise £100,000 and thus help 500 young people in their bid to obtain employment.