Blog7 August 2013

Andrews Sykes – 30 Years of Great Teamwork in British Motorsport

Andrews Sykes has been supplying climate control equipment for events at one of Britain’s leading race circuits since 1983, which, for the fact fiends amongst us, happened to be the last year the Grand Prix took place on a Saturday. The winner, Alain Prost, was amongst a field of names many will remember from when there were more ‘characters’ in Formula 1, such as Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg.

VIP Hospitality – A different class to the days of canvas tents and folding tables and chairs

The facilities in motorsport and other hospitality events have certainly evolved since then and to ensure what are now expected steady levels of comfort, especially in VIP hospitality, Andrews Sykes  provides automatically controlled heat pump/chiller units capable of maintaining constant even temperatures irrespective of whether it’s a sweltering heatwave or a typically British summer – unrelenting rain and blustery winds.
We also provide portable air conditioning for outside broadcast facilities, including commentary boxes and control centre cabins