Blog29 September 2021

Andrews scales dizzy heights with hospital chiller hire

With people and businesses alike anticipating a much-discussed heatwave in August, we’ve seen many organisations take a more proactive approach to planning for warmer conditions. While the summer has been somewhat stop-start in terms of the constantly fluctuating weather, there has at least been sufficient time for our customers to take precautions and not get caught out unexpectedly.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital, to name one example, recently exemplified the advantages of taking pre-emptive action while temperatures are still low to ensure they are ready for the inevitability of the mercury rising.


They approached our specialist hire division in the hope that we could replace their existing static chillers before their output declined. As a temperature-critical medical application that had hundreds of vulnerable patients on site, there was simply no scope whatsoever for internal cooling systems to falter at any time.

The location of the hospital itself, coupled with a dearth of available space, meant this project would be far from straightforward. A strategy was proposed to the customer that included us enlisting the assistance of movement solutions provider to help lift two 550kW Series 2 chillers on to a roof adjacent to the plant room.

Each chiller weighs in excess of four tonnes and thus an LTM1060 Liebherr crane was required to carefully drop them into their designated positions.

Our local expert identified the importance of this job, which was underpinned by the potentially morbid consequences of any cooling failure. We outlined the best course of action and executed its implementation in just four days – overcoming a whole host of logistical challenges in the process.

All kit is currently operating perfectly, and has been for a number of days, leaving our client in the very enviable situation of being ready for the anticipated surge in temperature. We have since liaised directly with our contact on site just to check that everything continues to run smoothly, and the subsequent dialogue has revealed more than a palpable degree of satisfaction with the efforts of our team!

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