Blog15 June 2021

Andrews reinforces environmental commitment with new high capacity chiller

As the country’s largest supplier of specialist climate control solutions, we are acutely aware of our corporate social responsibilities and the need to adhere to the strict ecological regulations that are currently in place.

Prior to introducing a new product, we undertake a scrutinous assessment of its expected performance levels including the long-term environmental impact.

With customers understandably leaning towards suppliers with a desire to promote the virtues of ‘going green’, it gives us great pleasure to unveil our new 550kW chiller which incorporates the R32 refrigerant gas.

Until recently, many products of this kind operated with R410A gas, which has a much higher global warming potential than what is now a commonly used alternative in R32.

In addition, R32 has a lower toxicity, is less flammable, has a higher energy efficiency, has no ozone depleting potential and has less volume of refrigerant per kW than any other gas.

By using this next generation refrigerant in our 550kW chiller Series 2, we’re making our market-leading equipment even more desirable for companies that are conscious about their impact on the planet.

Consuming significantly less power per hour than similar chillers available elsewhere, the 550kW Series 2 is suitable for a wide range of everyday applications including storage facilities, healthcare environments, hotels, data centres, refineries and many more.

Capable of reducing temperatures to as low as -5⁰C, the unit’s quiet functionality and robust chassis permit unobtrusive deployment in busy commercial or industrial settings.

Explaining the rationale behind the chiller’s introduction, Matt Stapley, Technical Director, said: “At a time where businesses are quite understandably looking to make savings wherever possible, we’re very pleased to be able to offer a unit that weakens the correlation between kilowattage and running costs.

“Energy efficiency is naturally a prominent consideration behind just about everything we do, so it’s brilliant our customers can benefit from greater cost-effectiveness and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

“The introduction of this unit using R32 with a GWP of 675 – approximately 30% lower than R410A – gives our customers an efficient chiller that costs less to operate.”

To hire our new 550kW Series 2 chiller, or for more information on any of our other products or services, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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