Blog24 November 2021

Andrews’ Rapid Response Boiler saves local football club

Our expertise in the sports and leisure industry prompted Oldham Athletic Football Club to approach us after their existing boiler system was taken offline just two days before a home match was scheduled to take place at Boundary Park. An issue beyond the club’s control had left the entire stadium without heating and hot water and needed to be rectified immediately in order for vital amenities to be available to players, staff and supporters on matchday.

The issue was brought to our attention on the Thursday, less than 48 hours before the game was due to kick-off. Failure to address the problem in time would have left shower blocks without warm water, corporate areas and lounges without heating and the kitchen also largely out of action. With urgent intervention essential and time quickly running out, it was decided that our 100kW Rapid Response Boiler would be ideal for the application and provide an adequate heating duty for the stadium’s requirements.

Our unit was delivered later that day and carefully manoeuvred onto the concourse of the main stand. The boiler’s small dimensions and wheel-mounted frame eased this process and enabled deployment in the desired location despite obvious space restrictions. An engineer then connected our boiler to the stadium’s existing pipework before it was tested later that day. The Rapid Response Boiler’s built-in fuel tank allowed instant operationality within seconds of installation, but an additional 1,000-litre fuel tank was also delivered a short while after to ensure the boiler could function continuously for the extensive periods in which it was required.

This was an excellent example of the simplicity afforded by the Rapid Response Boiler, which was towed from our depot, connected and fully functional with minimal fuss. In total, the unit was required for two weeks while the customer’s original problem was resolved but our swift response to an emergency situation ensured two high-profile matches passed off without incident, despite early concerns.

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