Blog12 December 2020

Andrews provides temporary heating for COVID-19 test centres across Europe

As the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic, a huge increase in the presence of testing facilities has fuelled confidence that cases can be swiftly identified to limit the spread of further infections. To date, the UK has carried out more COVID-19 tests than any other European country but with the battle to overcome the virus set to rumble on for many months, it is critical that testing centres remain fully functional during the winter.

With seasonal temperatures already dropping sharply, Andrews Heat for Hire has been busy providing these applications with temporary heating solutions.

While many of these testing sites are large temporary structures and marquees, others are based in more established settings including vacant warehouses, halls or even converted car parks.

Despite the many challenges posed by these closely controlled surroundings, our vast range of versatile heating units has proved extremely beneficial and allowed us to propose suitable equipment in a multitude of scenarios.

In most cases, our indirect fired heaters have been deployed due to their aptitude for supplying large volumes of clean, warm air into the intended areas.

One of our more recent projects saw us deliver and install a heating hire package at a dedicated testing facility in Leicestershire, which was set-up on council property. On this occasion, a single ID65 indirect fired oil heater was needed to increase the temperature of a large marquee that had been erected on site.

The unit was discreetly positioned in an area that could not be accessed by the public, with lengths of eight metre ducting used to direct fresh, warm air inside.

Unsurprisingly, requirements of this nature have been extremely common during the past few weeks and prompted our involvement both throughout the UK and overseas.

In the Netherlands, our Dutch colleagues have overseen a number of similar jobs and helped COVID-19 testing facilities prepare for the imminent colder weather.

Although the concept of providing a temporary heating source has remained constant for each project, there have also been various subtle intricacies depending on the type of premises. An indirect fired oil heater was installed outside a testing centre marquee in Amsterdam but supplemented with several electric units for additional spot heating.

In this instance, our client had specifically requested the use of an ID65 which would deliver several air changes per hour and simultaneously provide high capacity heating. Inside, several DE25 and Quartz Radiant units were also installed next to the testing stations to offer a more localised source of heating.

Our engineers have been devising and implementing climate control solutions at testing facilities since their introduction, ensuring we have an excellent understanding of how they operate and what they need.

This insight allows us to recommend temporary equipment based on individual requirements, whether you’re looking for a single heater or a combination solution comprising of several different units.

With more than 25 locations across the UK and operations throughout Europe, Andrews Heat for Hire continues to support testing facilities and other temporary medical spaces across the continent. For more information, or to discuss your needs with a trained expert, contact us today on 0800 211 611.

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