Blog1 August 2023

Andrews provides tailored solution for underground tank drying application

Andrews Sykes has been a trusted heating and dehumidification specialist for decades – and with good reason. Recently, a Scottish water company faced a challenge with a tank that needed quick drying, and they turned to our knowledgeable sales engineers for a solution.

With the client opting for a free site survey, our engineer promptly visited the location in West Kilbride.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the tank itself was below ground, making accessibility slightly more limited than anticipated. Challenging, perhaps, but certainly nothing we couldn’t contend with!

Undeterred, our team swiftly deployed a heating solution to bring the facility back online promptly without straying over budget.So, why the Aurora FH111 Indirect Heater?

As part of a site refurb, a waterproof membrane had been applied to the tank itself – with warm, dry air needed to accelerate the drying process.

Because of the volumes of heat required, we proposed the use of a single Aurora FH111 unit. By fitting the heater with 40 metres of ducting, we were able to direct hot air into the heart of the application and maximise its impact to keep operational costs as low as possible.

Once again, our sales engineers meticulously considered the specific requirements and constraints involved with this project, before taking the most efficient approach. This personalised attention to detail is the hallmark of our service, exemplifying our commitment to excellence across Scotland.