Blog18 January 2014

Andrews provide emergency server room cooling

A major facilities management company that provide services for leading banks and government buildings urgently required Andrews Air Conditioning Hire due to a problem at a large server room, located in central London.

The client needed to turn off their chilled water system, so that the pipework could be drained in order to replace a faulty valve. Due to the sensitive nature of the server room and the risk of overheating, temporary air conditioning needed to be installed to counter the loss of cooled air from the fixed chilled water system

Air con for London server room


A specialist Andrews Sykes engineer visited the client’s site to survey the area and identify which areas were most critical, so that the temporary units could be strategically placed to evenly distribute the cool air. In total, thirty-two PAC 22 units were provided; PAC 22’s are powerful but versatile portable air conditioning units and consequentially the client was extremely pleased with the cooling solution provided.

Even though the customer contacted us during the Christmas holiday period, the units were delivered to site, installed and working within 4 hours. The client greatly appreciated this as if the system had failed it could have potentially cost their client millions of pounds. The faulty valve was successfully replaced and all went according to plan to the complete satisfaction of the client.