Blog20 August 2014

Andrews provides cooling for offices in Kent

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the detrimental implications an uncomfortable working environment can have on a business’ productivity. So when a client contacted us seeking temporary cooling for their office, we acted quickly to quell the effects of high temperatures and keep employees content.

The complex – based in Rochester, Kent – is a listed building, and as such any solution we deployed would have to avoid having pipes hanging out of windows. With this in mind, we delivered and installed a single Double Cool evaporative unit because of its suitability for applications where outside access is limited. The Double Cool creates a sea-breeze effect and represents an excellent alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.

Since being installed on the site, our unit has helped create a more ambient atmosphere for people working in the vicinity. The initial enquiry was handled by one of our expert operatives, who recommended equipment based on the customer’s particular requirements. Its overall effectiveness is highlighted by the fact that the Double Cool remains on hire indefinitely during an extended period of hot weather.

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