Blog5 July 2016

Andrews launch new 100kW chiller unit

As the country’s leading supplier of premium chiller equipment, we at Andrews are constantly looking at ways to expand and improve our hire fleet. This commitment to investing in new innovations has seen us proudly launch our latest product – the 100kW low temperature heat pump chiller unit.

Designed specifically for use in specialist process applications, this particular model is capable of providing both hot and cold water with the capacity to reduce temperatures to as low as -12°. It also features revolutionary heat pump technology capable of producing high volumes of hot water.

By taking our environmental obligations seriously, we work hard as a company to ensure all equipment complies with stringent EU legislation. That’s why our most recent chiller uses R410A gas – a cost-saving refrigerant that does not contribute to ozone depletion. Multi-scroll compressors also aid efficiency and allow users to benefit from minimised power consumption.

The presence of an internal water pump means that no extra external power supply is required, while quick release coupling facilitates rapid installation during emergencies and urgent projects.

Despite the chiller’s impressive specifications and performance, its small footprint and low decibel rating render it perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas.

Other features and benefits include:

– Lifting frame to aid manoeuvrability

– Flow switch for fault protection and reduced maintenance

– Digital controllers compatible with BMS systems and remote monitoring

Carl Webb, Specialist Hire Divisional Director, says: “We’re delighted to introduce another addition to our expansive chiller fleet which combines high levels of premium functionality with affordable running costs and unprecedented levels of reliability.

“Having been in development for a number of years, the product is comprised of the industry’s most advanced technology and is suitable for use in a multitude of environments and sectors.”

For more information on our market-leading chiller equipment, or for a preliminary hire quotation for an upcoming development, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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